Breitbart and Sarah Snuggles 4ever
Breitbart and Sarah Snuggles 4 Ever

Quitterrific half-governor Sarah Palin advanced Andrew Breitbart’s interpretation of a news organization’s partial phone conversation accidentally left on the voicemail of Alaskan U.S. Senate candidate, Joe Miller.

According to the Washington Post, the news team was reviewing  “what-if” scenarios to anticipate coverage:

That phone call was placed near the end of a coverage planning meeting in our newsroom regarding that evening’s Miller rally in downtown Anchorage. The group of KTVA news personnel was reviewing potential “what-if” scenarios, discussing the likelihood of events at the rally and how KTVA might logistically disseminate any breaking news.”  –General Manager, KTVA

Breitbart, not being a journalist, never bothered to call KTVA for an explanation.  Instead Breitbart treated the partial voicemail in the same way he treated Shirley Shirrod’s edited clip on racism (which lead to her being unjustly fired).

Dumb as dirt and always eager to construe the “lamestream” media in the worst possible terms, Palin described the voicemail as conspiracy by “corrupt bastards” at CBS in Alaska.  Palin was permitted to promote Breitbart’s outrageous accusations without evidence because Fox News gives her free range, unfettered by things like legitimate questions.


10 thoughts on “Andrew Breitbart Remains Infected Sack of Contagious Pig Smegma

  1. i think contagious pig smegma is much worse than corrupt bastards. i’m hoping this backfires on princess sarah. there are some people who won’t like the dirty talk. 😯

    • 😆 She really sounds like she understands she’s talking naughty talk and is sorry she’s hurting Chris’ ears, but she has no other choice but to say “corrupt bastards.” She is the HUGEST and most loyal fan of her own persecution complex.

        • Definitely. Conflating the voicemail and Murkowski’s “hired guns” (pfft) as just another a day in the life for poor Alaskan conservatives like Joe Miller just came off just absurd, and at least Wallace made Palin clarify and moved to change the subject.

          • she doesn’t realize how petulant she sounds. i don’t think anyone outside her devoted flock will think she sounds like she has the temperament to be president, and i don’t think she’s endearing the leaders of the goopers to her. let her keep squawking. she’s burying herself.

  2. one can only hope she makes so much money filling the airwaves with her crap that she wouldn’t deign to run for office. we can always turn off the tv, not that mine is ever on fox, but not so much if she were elected to office.

    • I think she wants the Presidency, feels like she deserves it after all she’s “suffered.” But she’s a very specific taste among Republicans. Shoot. She’ll probably be the Christine O’Donnell of the Presidency. 😯

  3. I’d like to think my fellow Republican Sarah Palin is a decent human being at the core, but wish she would be careful not to allow herself to put her foot in her mouth on occasion. As we head into 2012, the Republicans have to convince the American people that we can nominate someone who knows the difference between Moscow, Idaho and Moscow, Russia (because when the Red Phone rings at 3AM, the country needs a leader who knows the difference).

    Have a good week, Melissa.

    • So was it a good night for you, Al?

      I’ve spent the last 6 hours steeped in homework projects with kids. Just barely read the election results that have come in. Can’t say I’m surprised, but the sting is undeniable. I had a huge ol’ crush on Senator Feingold. 😉

      • Yes/Oui, Melissa–there’s seems to be a pulse left in our party, so that was/is encouraging; however, we still have much fine tuning to do as well. We have to genuinely care enough to work with President Obama on behalf of the American people, or answer for our refusal to do so in 2012. We cannot have our cake and eat it too.

        Have a good one. Two thumbs up for being someone your kids can count on–Cheers!

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