Keith Olbermann pieces together the big picture, what Tea Party candidates are offering this country if elected Tuesday.  However much you hate the snail’s pace of economic recovery,  are these the people you want running this country?  KO Part 2.



6 thoughts on “Tea Party Nutballs, Ragemongers, and Bigots: That’s the Ticket

  1. i saw this last night on tv, but i wasn’t paying close enough attention. i really wanted to watch it again, but the damned video keeps stopping. i hate when that happens.

    • Putting these characters together, back-to-back-to-back, lets you see the tea party for what it is across the nation: hype, hypocrisy, a celebration of ignorance, foul tendencies embraced, hatred disguised as cause. No ideas except the sort that would a unmake a nation or set us on a course of stagnation because even less will get done in Congress.

      One of my independent friends is rethinking her democratic leanings. It’s hard not to say omg, are fucking kidding me? She’s a small business owner and it’s the economy hurting her. She’s blaming Democrats though she can’t quite say how. What she seems to be relating to is the anger voiced on Republican side though I know she wouldn’t have a thing to do with these tea party types if she followed what they were about closely.

      • i always use the analogy of a doctor. if you had been going to a doctor for 8 years, and he made you very, very sick, and then a new doctor was making you better, but not as quickly as you’d like, would you go back to the old doctor or stick with the new one?

  2. Sadly, odds are that some of these Tea Party candidates will win. If so, it will be interesting to watch GOP leadership (Boehner & McConnell) to see if they can control the turbulence. Let us not forget Sarah Palin’s threat of the GOP being “through” if they don’t follow the lead. Barnum and Bailey don’t have anything on these folks.

    • You’re right, afrankangle. Some will win. And districts will reap what they have sown.

      It’ll be grand if Palin gets the party nomination for president, and if she doesn’t, the bitterness of the half-governor will be great. She personifies entitlement.

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