Brett Favre
Penis Penis and More Penis

Brett Favre and his penis, Little Brett, cockslap the headlines again.

The Vikings quarterback cops to leaving voicemails, but denies sexting photos of his piece to sports reporter Jenn Sturger.

Mrs. Favre is PISSED!  Here she is trying to bring in money with her new book, The Penis Cure for the Chronic Penis Life, written with her pastor no less!  And Brett goes and shows his ass his dick his ass.

Saturday Night Live mocked Favre over the weekend in a Wrangler “Open Fly” Jeans parody.


10 thoughts on “Brett Favre, Penis, Penis, and Penis

  1. heard one pic was of him pleasuring himself while wearing nothing but a pair of crocs…a mental image i don’t need…what is it with these guys?

  2. Hi Melissa (have a good week)

    Somewhere in heaven, the late Vince Lombardi must be shaking his head in displeasure with the antics of these modern day self-serving athletes. Gone are the days when the concepts of “team” and “class” ruled the NFL. Somebody needs to reel this monster in.

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