Cat with a bag on her head.


Meet Hershey.  She’s the genius of the three.  Just yesterday she sat waiting in the bathtub for someone so she could lead that person to her water bowl which was not on the floor.  I was the one who found her.  I left the bathroom and she bounced out next to me trying to steer me in the direction of her feeding station.  She cut me off at the bottom of the stairs which forced me to veer right and I just happen to see, “Oh.  You want water.”  I resent being trained.

The critters all want to snuggle into places much too small to accommodate them.  This is how Hershey ended up stuck in a lunch bag.  When she realized her ample body would not fit, she tried to back out.  That’s when I walked in.  Just in time to save her dumb ass from falling off the table (which she’s not supposed to be on anyway!).

This is Van Gogh below.  He’s gross.  I had set the pot on the stove to dry overnight.  When I came down the next morning….


My cat is disgusting.


I left for work after taking the picture.  He does look cute curled up in the soup pot, but I was irritated that I’d have to rewash the pot.  Three hours later:


Naptime over!


In a tiny basket…Grrrr, bad kitty on the table:


If I wanted Van Gogh on the table, he'd never go there.


In the bread box…Grrrr, bad kitty on the counter:




Who sleeps across a toilet seat?!?


I wish he'd fall in.


What you can’t see is that his eyes are closed, and he’s drooling.  Ew.

Finally, there’s Jefferson aka Jeffy.  This is a total schadenfreude moment for me.  I love her death rolls.  She thinks she’s an alligator.

(Don’t judge my grout.  It was old.  It’s been replaced since the video was shot.) 😛


23 thoughts on “My Cats are So Stupid.

  1. too funny! don’t ya love cats? I made the mistake of trying to bathe my cat once, that’s why she gets her baths at the vet now!

    • Too much personality. 🙂

      The only reason I look forward to the kids eventually moving out some day is that the cats go with ’em. And I’m relieved of litter box duty (i said duty) forever!

  2. Hint on bathing cats… put a grid, like an oven grid or some such, in the bottom of the tub. They feel more secure if they can latch onto something (besides human flesh).

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