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Flaming teabagger of doom and dumb, Ken Buck, tells Meet the Press being gay is a lifestyle choice like alcoholism.

Guess Mr. Shit-fer-Brains ain’t read no Pulitizer Prize book called Molecules of the Mind by Jon Franklin.

Why would he.  In teabag land, geniuses are retards and retards run amok on the GOP ticket (like in the case of  the U.S. Senate candidate in Delaware with her degrees from Oxford and Princeton)…

…when they aren’t dressing up like fucking Nazis for very super-duper erudite playtime with whitey.

Now.  Being a shit-fer-brains dickhead…total lifestyle choice.


6 thoughts on “Being a Dickhead: Total Lifestyle Choice

  1. every time you think this guy can’t say something more stupid, he says something more stupid. why didn’t gregory ask him when he “chose” to be straight. hmmm, then again, for him it wouldn’t be a choice, because i don’t think he could get any guy to fuck him. not that the women are lining up either.

  2. He obviously just outed himself. He basically admits he has sexual and emotional feelings for men but he chooses not to act on them. It’s all about choice, right? Well…maybe not for women. Men can make up their minds for them. NO CHOICE FOR YOU!

  3. Personally, for the schlock he wants to shovel, he’d be better off comparing teh ghey to shingles, or maybe scabies — you can either choose or not choose to scratch, but don’t have them hanging around schools ‘cuz teh ghey is contagious and we don’t want our kids catching it and bringing it into our homes.

    Saying alcoholism is too close to saying you were born with it, which chips away at the whole “it’s a choice” nonsense.

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