Yay!  It’s Friday.  I’ve got two sons with two adorable dates for one high school homecoming dance.  The texts have already hit my phone, last minute details my boys want me to take care of.  I’m a one-woman entourage.

The last 24-hour news cycle has sworn me off news for a few days.  Too depressing.

In the meantime, the chuckleheads and weirdos of the world bolster my confidence in my ability to bring creepers out of the woodwork.

Cue freaky-deaky search items to writechic:

  • gross old lady in bikini (I confess.  I asked for this one)
  • grandma panties (Wondering if this user looks like this guy)
  • massive granny panties (This user definitely does)
  • man panties (Really?  Senator Lindsey Graham must have searched this)
  • large panties (Enough already!)
  • big pantys (Fetish-mongers!!!)
  • normal underwear (okay, this one is a lie.)
  • “bondage bungalow (Freaks.)
  • coitus club (Republicans.)
  • alabama you can be retarded & do it (Tea Partiers.)
  • lori drew fat missouri pig (This search and a bunch like it pegged to recent surge of news stories on cyberbullying)
  • cuckolds hot dogs (WTF?????)
  • melissa king nude (Fuck you, guys)
  • nonnie porn mix (And fuck you guys, again, for Nonnie.)
  • Honorable mention to the honorable Ken Symes (People were searching your name on my site last week.) Coincidence? 😉

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