Viva La Meg
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Credit Meg Whitman for not getting by on her looks!  I whitened her teeth for this picture!

Whitman earned her spot as the Republican candidate for governor of California in the Grand Old-fashion way…

Money. Cha-ching!

The billionaire and former owner of eBay employed a Mexican national as a housekeeper and nanny for nearly a decade.

Cuz billionaires can’t fucking afford no minimum wage American hobos, dammit.  Ya judgers!

Nicky Diaz Santillian got the ax before Whitman began her bid for governor.  Santillian says her verbal pink slip went something like this:

From now on, you don’t know me, and I don’t know you.”  –Meg Whitman, heartless, conniving asshole

…and Whitman laughed at Santillian when she asked for help with obtaining legal status.

Whitman claims she didn’t know Santillian’s legal status, and this is a political stunt perpetrated by Jerry Brown and Gloria Allred.

Whitman is the same candidate who used to not vote.

Whitman said in her recent gubernatorial debate that employers should be held responsible for hiring illegal immigrants.

Get a rope!


10 thoughts on “Don’t Do as I Do, Do as I Say When I Govern…

  1. But… but… but she’s rich and she wants to buy a governorship for herself and shouldn’t we as loyal Americans help her do that? After all, we might be rich someday and want to do the same thing, so it’s okay if she fucks over some Latina maid, corrupts the political process, lies, cheats, hypocritizes. We’re all equal, aren’t we?



    On second thought, I’m going on eBay to get me some rope and tar and feathers!

  2. i believe the maid, but i really, really wish she had chosen a different attorney. gloria allred jumps into every scandal, and her presence makes it easier for the other side to convince people that the maid is just making the story up.

    • Yeah, true. But the social security doc has Whitman’s husband’s handwriting on it. So, they saw there was a question. Also. SS didn’t send out those type of letters unless 10 or more employees have questionable socials (according to an official). So, Whitman and the doc are stinkin’ up the joint with big ol’ fibs.

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