No Allowance For You!
Build your own Blingee

Look atcha with your princess crown, your cartoon friends, and your fancy panties hanging out like you were never raised to be a lady.

You think that sense of style I provide for you is free???

Well, it’s not, ya little ingrate!

Little British children think they have it hard walking around with less than $10 a week in their pockets.

(Their parents can afford that because they don’t believe in orthodontics!)

In this Greatest Recession Ever (which is alleged to have ended), this family’s gone communist!

That’s right.  I’m not afraid to say it!  And I’m certainly not afraid to subject you to it!

Each according to her need, each according to whatever the hell I say!

I’m calling it the Mom Manifesto, and you will bow down or lose your video game privileges!

One out of  seven Americans now lives in poverty, and you’re lucky you’re not one of them.


20 thoughts on “No Allowance For You!

  1. May the innocent children find deliverance from this evil mess, the sins of their parents, guardians, etc. They certainly deserve a better existence than poverty.

  2. Was there supposed to be a “donate to writechic” link up there somewheres? ‘Cuz I’m just not seeing it.

    What I do see is a sack full of knees and elbows, wondering if the dude with the camera is gonna take away the watermelon before it finishes the rind.

    ‘Cuz that’s where the vitamins are.


    • Can’t you see that scrawny urchin needs more than watermelon! (My mom took that picture.) You may donate to my 7-year-old food insecurity via time travel. 😀

      P.S. Hold the vitamins.

  3. I recognize that little watermelon eating darling. I know she turned into a very intelligent and beautiful lady.(I hope she learned how to sit like a lady.)

    • Sh-h-h-h-h. Uncle. I’m acting. It’s the Theater of the Absurd in which I was born to play.

      (Psst. Can you tell I just watched Hamlet? 😀 And mostly I sit like a lady unless I forget. )

  4. Hamlet?(sorry-I was thinking baby pig ha ha-I am giving up pork.)My next wife will either be Gillian Anderson or this cute little 16 year old Korean girl I have been thinking of adopting.
    A good weekend to all!Junior turns 14 tomorrow.I have to go in the garage and dig out his present.(literally)

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