The inmates now control the asylum!!!

The architect of the demise of the Republican party not only has to watch the chickens that have come home to roost, he has to give them money!

OMG, too fucking funny!

Karl Rove puked a litany of criticisms against Tea Party candidate Christine O’Donnell who won GOP primary in Delaware:

  • O’Donnell’s nomination cuts into GOP chances of getting 8 or 9 Senate seats to 6 or 7.
  • She’s a professional candidate (meaning that’s all she seems to do for a living).
  • She misled voters about her college eduction.
  • It took her about 20 years to pay her college debts and she was sued for it.
  • The IRS has put a lien on her for not paying taxes.
  • She let her house be foreclosed on but sold it just in time to her boyfriend/campaign manager.
  • She sued a conservative think tank which is well regarded.
  • She does not seem to have the character that the GOP is looking for especially in regard to truthfulness.
  • She regularly denies as untruthful and fabricated what is easily provable (usually on tape)
  • She accused Mike Castle of having a homosexual affair with a young aide without any shred of evidence.

Andrew Sullivan rightly suggests Karl merely has no respect for O’Donnell’s less than skilled smear tactics.

Is there an adopted black baby from a prostitute in the house?  And Texas governor Ann Richards suffered gay rumors served up by Karl.  Ah-h-h-h-h.  Memories.

So, conservative tea party weirdos sent Karl hate mail.  And he in turn sent O’Donnell money.  O’Donnell raised one MILLION dollars today.  Republicans really are desperate for the illusion of unity.

Bonus:  Just like Newt Gingrich, O’Donnell has a lesbian sister  .  Awwww.


19 thoughts on “Ha, Ha. Rove Had to Give Money to the Nutty Lady!

  1. did you notice that he stressed rasmussen? even he knows that rasmussen’s polls are so slanted toward rethuglicans that you can’t even make believe that they’re a fair representation of what’s really going on. if ras says she’s 11 points behind, then she’s probably closer to 20 points behind.

    turdblossom is so afraid of losing his meal ticket that he’ll put endless tubes of lipstick on this pig.

  2. Karl shoulda stuck to his water pistols. Ms. O’Donnell is terrified of mice: not all mice, just the ones scientists bred to have human brains. I suppose that’s fair, given the need for balance in the universe, since she has the mental capacity of a mouse.

    • Crap, I’m sorry. I insulted mice. I like mice. They’re cute, affectionate, smart on the small mammal level, and serve a purpose in the world.

      Ms. O’Donnell on the other hand is, once she opens her mouth, ugly, as dumb as the usual fundogelical, and serves no goddam purpose in the world at all.

  3. The late Douglas Adams would be so proud that Pristine has validated the storyline of Hitchhikers Guide. Unfortunately, the girl seems to have forgoton to bring a towel, a vital nessecity in a unverise where everyone and everything is trying to “do you”. And I insist that when they finally discover her source of income, they will find that she does it with sailors for nicklels!

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