Carl Paladino
Whoa, Nelly!!!

How low can B-Lo go?

Grand Master Wizard of White House watermelon jokes and chairman of The Man Horse Love Association, Carl Paladino secured himself the Republican nomination for New York governor!

OMG!  Can fancy-pants Northerners ever make fun of Alabama again?!?  Pshaw!

Paladino is a super rich Buffalo businessman  and Tea Party hero who habitually emailed the nastiest filth and ugliest bigot-grams ever conceived on the internets.

Your shit will blush!!!

The “values” voter is running against the Democratic attorney general, Andrew Cuomo.


26 thoughts on “Uber Racist Pervert: the GOP Candidate for NY Gov!

  1. this is just horrible… lazio was terrible, this dude is just bananas, completely off the farm… i hope andrew cuomo whoops his ass… but he’s got a ton of cash, so alot of center and left is really starting to get fidgety here in NYC…

    idk its gonna be ugly and very very close…. upstate vote counting is very very “convenient” for right wing and corporate interests…

    serious serious ugliness is in new york state’s future

  2. just goes to show, there are ignorant rednecks everywhere…they aren’t limited to AL & the south.
    i loved seeing him struggle to justify sending the stuff…to a “limited” group of people
    what i can’t understand is how someone like this gets as far as he’s gotten…it boggles the mind

  3. Speaking as a Republican, and a fellow New Yorker too, must say what a sad day for the party of Lincoln. Who would have thought things could have gotten this bad.

    Excuse the lil’ rant, Melissa, just stopped in to say have a good weekend, and just had to weigh in on your new post…guess whover said things have to get worse before they can get better knew what they were talking about, but do we really need a Republican Wall of Shame to prove that point–sheesh!!

  4. And I must ask again why this dipshit isn’t being arrested and prosecuted for possesion and distribution of illegal pornography? Is Palamino the new head of the MHLA? This guy is loathsome.

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