Home Sweet...OMFG!!

Maybe you’ve already spent a few moments with the idea of what you and your family and your pets are doing around 6 PM in the evening…the same time a natural gas pipe exploded in a San Francisco residential area.

Home Sweet Oh My Fucking God!  50 homes destroyed!  50! with dozens more damaged.

Yeah.  I don’t know about you, but I’m more than a little unsettled.  Steel pipes have a 50 year life span.  The pipe that blew was about 60 years old.  It’s not like PG&E had no time in the last ten years.  Government regulation has been reduced to nothing.  The inspection and oversight in place are a joke…

Ha-Ha-Ha-Halliburton, Transocean, and BP!

People are at the mercy of companies who by their good will are expected to budget for maintenance and upgrades.  The families of at least 4 people (the ones who died so horribly because of this fire) in San Bruno now know first hand about relying on the good will of business and how serious government inspections and oversight are.

Like the victims of Katrina know.

Like the people in Iowa  where the dam broke this summer.

Like the bridge that collapsed in Minneapolis.

The Manhattan steam pipe explosion.  There was a less reported steam pipe explosion in Downtown Birmingham a few years ago.

Take a look at the Infrastructure Report Card released last year by the American Society of Civil Engineers.

Everything sucks.

I mean the there are some “C’s” on there, but do you want to drive across a bridge that gets a C or an A?


8 thoughts on “So. How’s your Infrastructure?

  1. i get po’d every time i get on the freeway to drive somewhere. the american infrastructure is in shameful condition. now obama wants to send the $ and put people to work, not a chance that will happen with elections upon us. and why was this not one of the first things they decided to do with some of the other stimulus money? duh!

      • i saw tommy sowers on tv yesterday. he served in iraq, and now he’s running for congress as a dem against the rethug incumbent in missouri. he said that he had better cellphone reception in baghdad than he does in some parts of his district, and it was our tax dollars that made that possible! that’s like paying to rebuild someone’s house on the other side of town when your own is falling apart. 🙄

  2. Back in the 70s I experienced such a thing. Laying on my bed one fine afternoon with the windows open, I realized that the “jet flying by” never passed by. Going outside, it got louder. Jump in van and drive off in direction of noise (going down Pipeline Road should have been a hint). About a block away a frantic homeowner comes running down the street announcing that the Lone Star Gas pipeline had blown out and here I sit in a running vehicle with a cig in my mouth. We got the hell out of there. It didn’t ignite but you wouldn’t believe the racket it made!

  3. speaking of infrastructuer,has anybody seen this? :


    (the first line says it all)

    “(AP) A man who was found dead with his hands tied behind his back and a bag over his head in a restroom at Los Angeles International Airport apparently committed suicide, officials said Wednesday. …”
    official what? head gopher,and cheif bottle washer?wtf?
    (note to self:file under :I.S.)

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