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The Cult of Hate-tard nation rolls on!!!

Now that Ramadan is over, the fucktarded Hate-tards of the right can let the general focus of despising Muslims simmer on the back burner and hone their poison speech on other targets.

That means blackish skin President Obama and Kenyan Africa!  Front and center, bitches!

Newt feeds the hate cult by alluding to birther fantasies that President Obama is not American born or even comprehensible in an American context.  No, to understand Obama you must turn to darkest Africa:

What if [Obama] is so outside our comprehension, that only if you understand Kenyan, anti-colonial behavior, can you begin to piece together [his actions]?” Gingrich asked. “That is the most accurate, predictive model for his behavior.”  (Newt Gingrich quoted in Sam Stein’s post at Huffpo)

I supposed you’d have to look much farther away than Kenya to Planet Cocksucker to find a pre-dick-tive model for Newt’s behavior.

How many men do you know married three times and each divorce resulted from an extra-marital affair with a future Mrs. Gingrich?  Personally, I know exactly…none.

Ha, ha, Gingrich is so stupid he thinks he has to marry everybody he fucks!  (That’s a joke.  He’s actually alleged to have made affairs habitual.)

How many of those men you know went to cancer-stricken, bed-ridden wife number one to finalize the divorce?

As the graph scientifantastically illustrates, Newt treats folks like little shit piles!

I wonder how the Gingrich daughters felt watching their cancer-stricken mom have to fight another battle in court for support.  She was about to have her power cut off.  (They were high school age at the time.  So was I.  And I can’t understand for the life of me how a man who is antithetical to the notion of family values was ever allowed to become the poster boy).

Why does this mother-fucker serve up ad-hominem with a side of hate potatoes, when he’s so vulnerable to criticism himself?

And how much would it rock to be Newt Gingrich’s lesbian sister?  Seriously.  And let’s not forget draft-dodging from Newt the War Hawk  (Cough, cough, pussy!) And slightly creepers…Newt’s first wife was also his teacher who Newt eventually decided, “…isn’t young enough or pretty enough to be the President’s wife.”

The man is a toad shit demon.


34 thoughts on “What are the odds Newt Gingrich would bed your wife, your sister, your mom or daughter if he could?

  1. gingrich is proof that “actual action” has nothing to do with electability on the right…. from being the opposite of a moral conservative, to being the opposite of a fiscal conservative (he funneled the second highest budget for his Cobb County, second only to the pentagon district).

    And then he actually looks like a sloppy pink toad….

    • In his defense, who *wouldn’t* abandon their cancer-ridden wife while she was in the hospital for some better-deal hottie? I mean c’mon — she was a *hottie*!!!

      And, I mean, there’s just no future in a cancer-ridden wife. You have to cut your losses sometime, and, as I mentioned previously, *hottie*!!!!

      Pardon my generalizing, but they’re a bunch of pukes, amen.

  2. On behalf of toads all over the world, I wish you people would stop insulting toads by comparing shitpods like Gingrich to them. Toads serve noble and useful purposes in the world by eating bugs and making happy sounds. Gingrich, et al, on the other hand…

      • No no no. I speak on behalf of all toads everywhere, including the species shitoadius evilus. The human species gingrichianus simply cannot be compared to any toad anywhere. It’s not a fair comparison. It insults toads and Mother Nature. In fact it insults life everywhere. And further, the existence of gingrichianus proves that even god does not exist, because if god existed Newt Gringrich would have about a dozen lightning bolts going up his ass every second until he was crispy and unrecognizable. Even toads wouldn’t deign to eat what was left.

        Or we could just say that the scum-covered s.o.b. just proved once again that he is nuttier and fruitier than a fruitcake, as is anyone who pays serious attention to the stuff that dribbles from his mouth.

  3. yeah, Newt is such a catch…can totally see why he deserves a trophy wife.
    the guy’s picture should be in the dictionary next to the word “sleazeball”.
    I somewhat agree with Ric, paying much attention to his delusional rantings is pretty much a waste of good time.

  4. Just one thing, you forgot, writechic, Newt Gingrich is a genius.

    I certainly agree with everything you said, but he’s a genius — an evil genius! With one carefully crafted speech, he now has the FULL support of the Birthers and likely most of the Tea Party — support that Mitt Romney and other possible “Republican” candidates for presidential nominees don’t have. Gingrich isn’t espousing a view or even taking on Obama, he was garnering support, rallying the base. He knows he’s got to get those votes away from Palin.

    Ugh. Makes me sick. I want to go wash my hands from typing this crap. Dirty, dirty, dirty politics.

    • Hi, Ken. He’s genius enough to recognize patterns, trends, speak to the basest of natures without dropping an n-bomb, and exploit the whole of it. He’s idiotic to think he’ll fare better than Rudy Giuliani with his twin sordid marital track record. He’s idiotic to think his brand new Catholic soul will lure the Baptist/tongue-wagger/fundamentalist elements. He’s idiotic to think independents want him.

      One thing we can count on is that Newt believes he DESERVES to President. It’s a hubris that makes women disposable…don’t think women will overlook it. His protestant upbringing became disposable. Reason…disposable (there go the conservative intellectuals.)

      In yesterday’s headlines, I saw Republicans whining about class warfare (against the wealthy of course). Please let them be blind enough to our current economic (and regulation deficient) state to run that tired, old bullshit on people. If there’s been any warfare waged by policy, it’s on the poor, the sick, the middle and working class.

  5. $3000 to touch her panties?
    clean or dirty?
    while she is wearing them,or on a plate under glass?
    does it include a sniff?(what?to each his/her own.)(never hang a rack like that on something a “toad”
    or dog(97%of men are dogs and 3% will admit it.)can vote for.
    just my .02

  6. I hate guys like the Grinch. He fucks it up greatly for guys who would be satisfied to have ONE decent realitionship with a woman in their lifetime. Why get married if the vows are as worthless as his moral acumen. And to answer the cheater question: A lead man where I used to work had five-5-count ’em-women he married and I know 4 of them he flirted with and cheated with at the plant. And they knew he was that way and tied up with him anyway. Must have had something in his pants we didn’t know about.

  7. Dear God,

    Please give us Republicans something to be proud of, and let some of the old-guard get the hint that the days of alienation, and “do as I say, not as I do” are no longer credible.

    Sorry for lil’ rant there, Melissa, but how on earth can we–the Republicans– improve our situation if we continue to shoot ourselves in the foot?! We don’t have much time left to right our ship before 2012.

    Have a good week.

    • You know who I think is doing Republicans proud, right now? You’ll die, Al. Meghan McCain. Yeah, she’s a youngster and likely won’t end up a politician. But I think she actually tries to be decent and she’s not saddled with cynicism or a jaded perspective.

      You have a great week, too. 🙂

      • Andrew Halcro in Alaska; John Huntsman from Utah.

        But Republicans will have to vote for that type of person, and it doesn’t seem like that’s what they want right now.

        How do you change what folks themselves want? It’d be nice to say “get rid of the Pam Gellers/Rush Limbaughs of the world” or “get rid of the Terry Joneses of the world” but what’s to stop the next guy (because egging on bigots and religious extremists seems to be where the money is)? And the next guy is often worse.

        I reckon you’re looking at 20 years of this until the older, calcified white folks die off and the country becomes solidly majority minority.

        But hey — log cabin republicans successfully sued to have DADT ruled unconstitutional. So that’s something.

    • Part of the problem is that, currently, you have to buy into a lot of nonsense in order to be part of the club. I’m not talking economics here, I mean stuff like denying global warming — or at least human-caused global warming. It’s hard to create something good while at the same time denying very basic things about reality.

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