I’ve just read up on the “30 Mosques in 30 Days” guys.  These young men are typical of the Muslims and American Muslims I’ve known.

Beyond the adventure Aman and Bassam had, what I love is how they find love and hope and realizing dreams is still the American story which is a stark contrast to the media narrative this last month.  That CNN brought me their story is not lost on me.  However, a hate cult (including Sarah Palin’s Ground Zero Mosque is a “stab in the heart”, Newt Gingrich comparing Park 51 to Nazis, and Pastor Terry Jones Qu’ran burning fiasco) has dominated this last month’s news coverage.  Whoever is the loudest and most profoundly ignorant gets the spotlight to the extent that was is true is mutilated and what is mutilated is propped up as true.

(If there was a true story to tell, a loud cult of hatred, prejudice, and ignorance was the story.)

Aman and Bassam threw themselves in the trenches of every day life.  In the video above they recount being intimidated by a blond-hair, blue-eyed trooper in Mississippi, but another one of their stories includes hanging out at a Confederate flag memorabilia store and being received warmly.

I wonder if it has been strange, surreal maybe, for Muslims in America that their holy month included a hateful barrage of news coverage construing them in the worst possible light.


11 thoughts on “30 Mosques in 30 Days Road Trip

    • Love this:

      “This theory was eloquently expressed around the time the Constitution was written. One of its models was the 1780 Massachusetts Constitution, which John Adams had helped to create, and which, in the words of one of its drafters, Theophilus Parsons, was designed to ensure “the most ample of liberty of conscience” for “Deists, Mahometans, Jews and Christians.”

      As the Founders deliberated over what types of people would ultimately populate the strange new country they were creating, they cited Muslims as an extreme of foreign-ness whom it would be important to protect in the future.” –Ted Widmer, Boston Globe

    • More awesome:

      “Thomas Jefferson, especially, had a familiarity with Islam that borders on the astonishing. Like Adams, he owned a Koran, a 1764 English edition that he bought while studying law as a young man in Williamsburg, Va. Only two years ago, that Koran became the center of a controversy, when the first Muslim ever elected to Congress, Keith Ellison, a Democrat from Minnesota, asked if he could place his hand on it while taking his oath of office — a request that elicited tremendous screeches from the talk radio extremists. Jefferson even tried to learn Arabic, and wrote his Bill for Establishing Religious Freedom to protect “the Jew and the Gentile, the Christian and the Mahometan, the Hindoo and infidel of every denomination.” –Ted Widmer, Boston Globe

    • Just got through the HuffPo story and Facebooks photos a few minutes ago. Jacob Isom is a startling reminder that everyone in this state is not insane. There were a lot of locals out to protest the “Repent Amarillo” bunch putting this on. Lots of signs with peace and love and tolerance, things the fundies have no use of. I hope Jacobs picture with the Muslim guy he delivered the Qu’ran to is on every newspapers front cover tommorow. Somebody also coped the dudes lighting wand in those photos. Didn’t realize it was such a hotbed of sin up there. My impression is it’s a cool place to live on the high plains, home of the largest aircraft painting facility, and of course, where all the helium comes from!

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