Russian named storms are historic cocksuckers of devastation. Just sayin'

Okay.  There is such a thing as too much tropical activity to keep track of.  I’m gonna need Africa to calm the fuck down.

In other news…turning up the heat on hate, Ian in Hamburg rocked my face off with an artful bit on the upcoming Koran BBQ planned for September 11th by Pastor Shit-fer-Brains Jones of the Gut a Dove World Stranglelove Outkill Church, your total friends in Christ.

Fuck that guy and his pervy 70’s porn star mustache…1870s.

And Grumpy Lion reports the Military Religious Freedom Foundation is countering the desecration of the Islamic holy book by donating a Qu’ran to the Afghan army for every one burned by Pastor Shriveldick McHates-a-lot.

♪♪ Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh. ♪♪

Btw, repent, you fucking douchebag.


7 thoughts on “Disconcerting Forecast

  1. all these storms have me very nervous. 😐

    did you hear who hates the idea of asshole mcpreacherdouche burning korans? his own church! he founded it in germany, and they’ve denounced his hateful bbq. if his mother is still living, i bet she hates his guts.

    • And suspicions of financial irregularities. So he preaches hate then lives it up on member contributions. A real prince (of darkness). Good that he’s a target of global scorn.

  2. I may not like his view point but I support his right to freedom of expression…however lamestupidassinineretarded it may be.
    the thing that bothers me is the repercussions from his actions that may be brought about.I thought we were done with the crusades and holy wars and shit.I am not scared,I just aint as stupid as I let people think.I bet we see a cross burning in his yard before the end of the week…
    (and yeah-Africa needs to calm the fuck down and russia needs to quit namin’storms)

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