Totally a Djinn
A Djinn Mother Fucker

Watching Pastor Terry Jones of the Dove World Outreach Church was most instructive.    He’s going to burn Korans on September 11th to send a message to radical Mozzlems…

….and offend the rest of the Muslim world while he’s at it.

But he graciously invites peaceful Mozzlems to desecrate their holy book along with his congregation.

Auto de fe, mother fuckers!

Don’t do it, peaceful Muslims.  I’m convinced this Terry Jones bitch is a djinn.  Definitely made of smokeless flame, not clay like we human folk.  I can tell by how all the little Muslim cartoon girls have watery eyes…and I saw his feet were on backwards in another camera shot!

Did you catch Terry Jones is an anagram for Ornery Jest?   Well didja?

In the meantime, back on the ranch in Afghanistan, General David Petraeus is peeing himself over the Dove World Outreach Church nutters.  Petraeus believes radical Muslim nuts will out-nut our nuts.


28 thoughts on “Our Nuts as Nutty as Your Nuts

  1. I think Mr. Ornery was trying to spell “We few, We proud, We illiterate masses” on the side of his stock car trailer. This is all a foolish misunderstanding. Amurrkins should go into mourning because Florida cannot read.

  2. Because our crazy fundogelical Jones is upsetting their crazy fundogelical riot Jonesers we’re supposed to tremble and get all fearful and give up free speech rights?

    Fuck it. Burn the lousy Qu’rans, and burn some Bibles along with them. Toss in some fundo Hindu texts and maybe some animist screed. Drop in some Torahs, some Buddhist scrolls, some Japanese stuff, a little Confucius. Burn it all. Hell, throw that evil little guy in the white dress and pointy hat, you know, the Rome guy, throw him in there too, just to keep the fire going.

    Dogshit on a beach is more sacred than these books. It is what it is, it doesn’t pretend it’s something else, it’s in tune with the real world, and it doesn’t spread crap all over people’s brains.

    (I’m liking the third haremite from the left – she’s not acting all weepy wimpy wussy like the others.)

  3. Isn’t Dove Outreach a for-real scam, currently being investigated for fraud? Seems I saw something on the teevee about that before all this book-burning hoohah started.

    Ah, book burning, communism, big bad brown people — Mississippi, 1950, 1-2-3.

  4. Nursing home cats???
    No bunny slippers HERE EITHER!!
    I’m getting that warm fuzzy mushroomey feeling again…
    Because I don’t get memos either… 😦
    OK I’m over it.When did nursing home cats come about?Only thing I ever seen near a nursing home were circling buzzards.(Mental note to self:file under:I.S.)
    Mayhap why I never see any cats.Hmmmm…I wonder if the 2 are related,somehow?

  5. Am I the only one questioning if Terry Jones isn’t somehow a surviving brother of Jim Jones and the Jonestown massacre? This guy is dangerous. And now he’s armed with a gun! (Check AP, it’s true!)

    I wish he was just an Ornery Jest. It’s too bad that we can put the tube back in the toothpaste. The big mistake here was giving this guy all the free publicity and making him an international story. In retrospect it would’ve been wiser to ignore him.

    I suspect in Canada we would have shut him down for inciting hatred. We certainly would not have allowed some inciting hatred toward Muslims to start wearing a handgun because of all the death threats he’s receiving. Are you guys sure you can’t find a way to arrest him?

    Just one final note: the Christian churches in his community and all across the US are all opposed to what Jones is doing. We’ve had to pull his Christian passport — whatever he does now, he is doing as the leader of a fanatical cult (Jonestown II?).

    For more, see: http://www.samaritanxp.blogspot.com

    P.S. How did I get this avatar? What am I? Constipated or something???

  6. Yeah, I’m reading Churches, Synagogues, and Mosques all over Florida are speaking out against this guy….which is awesome because usually Americans gawk at the circus freaks rather than step up with any sort of rebuke.

    P.S. I like your avatar. It’s giving me the stink eye…which is funny. 😀

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