h/t Wonkette

American Muslims are trying to save fat, white, cowardly wingnuts some money on their Xanex prescriptions by making this commercial.

See?  Muslims have moments when they aren’t blowing shit up.  Awesome, right?

Hopefully since Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, and 87,000ish other self-pitying, scared and badly-dressed white folks went to the Lincoln Memorial to Restore their Honor, shit will settle down.  But in case it doesn’t, American Muslims are helping.

This strategery worked out righteously for the Mormons.  Everybody thinks they’re normal now.  Except for Mitt Romney’s hair…and first name…and Glenn Beck.


15 thoughts on “So White People Will Stop Being Afraid…

  1. Hi Melissa,

    You nailed it with this post! America is at dangerous crossroad, with a clear yet tough choice, either pull together or perish together. Fence-sitters need not apply.

    Have a good week.

  2. what we need is a muslim sitcom. i’m serious. we seem to accept things better when we’re ridiculed into it.

    i watched the video over at wonkette, and, boy, am i relieved! even though muslims should be banned, jews have permission to stay. whew! i think i’ll still keep my emergency suitcase packed, just in case they change their minds.

    • The sitcom looks great! You’re right. We do need a Muslim sitcom.

      And nobody is banning anybody. I have spoken. Just wait until the Republicans come out in full support of teh gays. The bigots will quit voting.

      • the other 2 parts of the episode are at youtube. it’s really funny, and it points out all the stereotypes and how silly they are. remember how all in the family changed the conversation in america? the show was a forum for debates on civil rights, women’s rights, vietnam, etc. will and grace changed how people look at gays. tv is a very potent weapon, and a lot more people watch sitcoms than faux news.

    • Not to worry Nonnie. There is a bill thats going around right now in the Knesset, introduced by an ultra-religious party, that all Hebrews must be recertified to be true members of the faith. DPS pulled the same thing on me when they rewrote the qualifying rules and I immediately lost my long held commercial drivers liscense.

  3. “what’re you doing in the bathroom all this time? Give someone else a chance!”

    “I’m trying to “restore my honor”, Ma!”

    “Oh. Is it restored yet?”

    “Not quite…..almost…..ah, there we go. Yep. All restored now.”

    And that’s the name of that tune. HT to Marty Feldman and Young Frankenstein.

  4. writechic, you really got me thinking by contrasting these two ads. Or is it comparing?

    They’re nice and they make everyone look nice and compatible.

    But Mormons actually believe in a whole alternative history of the USA, one that is not favourable to Jews nor Indians. And polygamy really is an eternal unchangeable law from Joseph Smith. And the men really are taught that they are becoming gods. So, yes, they’ve cleaned up their public image, but they’re hiding a lot of their truths behind that image.

    Islam definitely has compelling reasons to present itself as a “religion of peace,” but given the serious human rights issues and persecution of Christians in most Islamic countries, isn’t that image of peace actually hiding some truths as well?

    I recently blogged about a Canadian who was abused for 56 days in a jail in an Islamic country partially due to the reality that sharia law considered him to be less important than the Muslim bringing a false charge against him.


    I would persecute neither Mormon nor Muslim, but I don’t want to pretend that their beliefs are different than what they actually are.

    • Martin Luther’s madman rants for the burning of Jewish books and synagogues is far more terrifying as a perspective on how Jewish people should be treated than anything I’ve read by Mormons. Many fundamentalist Christians are eager to have the Jews gather to Israel so Jesus can squish ’em like bugs during the second coming. Catholics can hide their head in shame on the Vatican’s complicity during WWII. Mormons did baptisms by proxy for holocaust victims’ ghosts…which is just freaking rude and banal.

      What religion isn’t plagued by embarrassing positions, controversy, aggressions, and skeletons?

      Yes, some sects of Islam are ripe for scorn and criticism. (Images of stonings are some of the most barbaric things I’ve seen.) In my experience (for what it is worth), Muslims that immigrate to the West seem overwhelmingly interested in practicing Islam peacefully and making the most of educational and business opportunities…which is fantastic.

      I appreciate your comments, Ken. 🙂

    • Man, you packed a lot in your comments. You made me think more stuff. I don’t see Mormon polygamy (and historically Mormon polyandry…yay, polyandry :lol:) as any more or less silly than Muslim polygamy or King Solomon polygamy.

      The Mormon belief in becoming gods is compatible with the Hindu idea that actual bits of God animate human beings or the goal being to become part of the big, fat Nirvana thingy or the Swedenborgian notion of Heaven being a big God party with friends and family. 😀

      Now, Mormons were A-#-1 Assholes when the proposition 8 business was going down in California.

      Okay. I think I’ve spewed everything I know. 😀

  5. Oh yeah, I think Little Mosque on the Prairie is pretty funny. I haven’t had much of a chance to watch it, but I see the commercials and they’re always entertaining!

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