I have routinely checked for updates on the “idiot in the projects” who is wanted for attempted rape and hopefully a slew of other charges in Huntsville, Alabama.  The suspect remains at-large.  But things are looking up for Antoine Dodson and his family since the attack.

The Gregory Brothers saw music in Antoine’s outrage and remixed the sound bites to produce “The Bed Intruder” song.  The song has cracked Billboard’s Top 100 and soared to #35 on the iTunes chart.  Antoine has received half the profits and has moved his family to a safer neighborhood.

Majoring in business proved to be a wise choice for the 24-year-old.  He knew to hire a lawyer and start a website.  He’s selling merchandise and doing radio commercials.  (He’s also donating a portion of his earnings to juvenile diabetes!) News organizations including the Washington Post, the UK’s Guardian, and the Today Show have done feature pieces on the Dodsons’ story.

Antoine’s sister Kelly sees him as making the best out of a bad situation.

Here’s a recent Q&A Antoine did on youtube:


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