Yay, Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Assembly!!!!

Strippers turn the table dance on a congregation of assholes in Ohio!

Woo hoo!  Life is good!

The exotic dancers were plum tired of churchified bitches protesting outside of their place of employment and harassing the clientele.  So the ladies of the little town of Warsaw, Ohio…

Population 731!  Salute!

….sacrificed their beauty sleep on the Sabbath day and showed up barely dressed to protest the protesters at their place of worship.    The report indicates the “anti-naked for Jesus” people harassed customers at the Fox Hole strip club by taking their pictures, taking pictures of cars and car license plates and even following patrons home!  And this has been going on for years.

Pastor Bill Dunfee believes God Almighty wants him to shut down the strip club.

As a Christian community, we cannot share territory with the devil.  Light and darkness cannot exist together; so, The Fox Hole has got to go.”  –Pastor Bill Dunfee

Why does Pastor Bill hate vaginas?


17 thoughts on “Strippers Protest Churchy Hypocrite Types at Church

  1. With all due respecting to these hard-working women. The church people should be grateful to the strip club. A couple hours seeing these women on a pole would make me really happy to see my wife.

  2. got to agree with David, and I’m not sure the one in pink is really a woman!
    whatevah…I’m sure the strip club doesn’t have people standing outside pulling people in from the sidewalk.
    Live and let live…

    • 😆 Funny. I looked at them and thought, yep, rural strippers. I learned the difference by eavesdropping on guys in newsrooms. 😆

  3. why is the pastor so worried? if the people of his congregation are so “good,” they won’t be tempted to go see the nekkid dancers. i was so ready to hate the pwner of foxhole, but the mullet totally won me over.

  4. Not all churches are filled with hypocrites. Many Christians are appalled by what Pastor Bill Dunfee and his church are doing to these dancers and their patrons.

    I can’t understand why a church could possible spend four years protesting like this. I’m beginning to understand why so many people today have no interest in Christianity. Churches like this are bringing shame on us all.

    I’ve written about this church and what I think and I would love to get some opinions: http://www.samaritanxp.blogspot.com

    Writechic: I love your gritty truth-telling approach to blogging. You really trumpet some important facts that right-wingers should pay attention to, but don’t.

    • Hi, Ken!

      Quite a predicament for people who believe pure religion undefiled is feeding the hungry, clothing the naked (tee hee), and visiting the elderly. It’s not like you can take to the streets shouting, “I’M FRIGGIN’ NORMAL AND COMPASSIONATE FOR JESUS.” 😀

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