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Reverend Franklin Graham hits below the Bible belt!  (Like every other heifer of hate)

Doing his 666 Kinds of Religious Stupid Tour, Rev. Graham told CNN (the most trusted name in giving any moron with a famous daddy a platform to preach bullshit):

I think the president’s problem is that he was born a Muslim, his father was a Muslim. The seed of Islam is passed through the father like the seed of Judaism is passed through the mother. He was born a Muslim, his father gave him an Islamic name.”

Reverend Graham SAYS he’s a Christian, but he is of the seed of Billy.  A billy is a male goat, and a male goat is a symbol of the Satanic Occult.  Therefore, Graham’s problem is the seed that is Franklin passed through the loins of Billy (the devil).

And here, I thought, he was just a dick.  The Blingee cannot lie!!!

(Obama’s parents were agnostic/atheist as far as he knew.  However, his mother made an effort to expose him to all major religions and mythologies.  He chose Christianity as his religion.)

Rev. Graham laboriously repeated “if” during the CNN interview in the context of whether or not Obama is a Christian…

….because Frankie is a fucker.

Perhaps the reason Obama is mistaken as not Christian is because he doesn’t act like most of the assholes out there trumpeting that they are Christian.

What was that Matthew Chapter 6?

5“And when you pray, dumbasses, do not be like the whorey, mongrel, evangelical hypocrites, for they love to run off their diarrhea of the mouth on CNN and Fox News and on the street corners to be seen by men and every other moron who listens to them.  I tell you the truth, oh dipshit, they have received their reward in full (assclowns that they make of themselves). 6But when you pray, go into your room discreetly, close the door and pray to your Father, who is invisible and shit.”

*Proof-text that, bitches!!!

*Proof-text is holy-roller, speaking-in-tongues, gibberish talk for pointing at a Bible verse to prove your point.


52 thoughts on “Reverend Franklin Graham: 666 Kinds of Stupid

    • I do remember reading an excerpt from Brigham Young’s Journal of Discourses in college. He said if a black person and a white person mingle their seed, the penalty is instant death. (Guess he hadn’t heard about all the raped slave babies).

      Bigotry brings out the crazy as this non-Muslim found out:

      (Thanks for the clip, 0whole1.)

  1. I like how he refers to the president’s being a Muslim as a problem. IF he were Muslim, why would it be a problem? Oh, yeah…it would only be a problem to narow-minded bigots like him who think their way is the ONLY way.
    The ignorance of these people is astounding…

    • And Obama has prayed with that guy! I’d really appreciate it if the media would stop propping these fools up as legitimate…unless, of course, the propping is in the context of legitimate nutter bigot who believes in evil zombie Jesus.

  2. Typical GOP religious right slime., first state Obama is not an American citizen (birthers). People don’t care. Next he’s a Nazi, Commie, Marxist, and socialist. That failed. How about he’s secretly a Muslim. That’s not working either. The GOP is nothing more than a frothing pack of racists who completely lack ideas.

  3. Big Billy made my shit list when he got on the stage 3 days after Kent State and rationalized why killing had to be done. And with the demure Trickster right by his side. And in my best Baptist Harry Truman spirit, might I request Brother Franklin to fornicate thyself. And if we don’t befriend the Jews, how will we know where to get the good pastrami?

  4. Yet another thought-provoking post, Melissa!!! Too bad for me and the GOP these holier-than-thou types continue to alienate others with their own idea of “wisdom”. Have a great week.

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  6. My grandmother used to watch Billy Graham crusade programs when we visited her on Saturday nights when we were kids (when he wasn’t on, Lawrence Welk was). We kids liked to imitate him when we played outside but we didn’t listen word-for-word to him. Today, if my grandmother was alive, she’d probably throw a brick thru the TV hoping it would hit he and his son! She had lifelong favored Repubs until Reagan started dicking around with her social security. Then when she was 80 years old she registered Democrat and voted for Bill Clinton in 1992! And she thought Billy Graham was an old fuddy-dud!

    • An evil, bigoted, hypocritical, deluded old fuddy-dud… He rates below a moldy Milk Dud stuck under a theater seat.

      Smart grandmother! (Except maybe for the Lawrence Welk part. He kinda hurts the brain.)

      • TV preachers always bored the living holy fuck out of me. I used to wonder why they were allowed on TV. Now, as a munchkin I remember appearing with classmates to sing on a Catholic church show….that show rocked. 😆

        • Once in a while, when I was young and stupid (I’m no longer young) I’d watch the Fulton J. Sheen show. He was fun to watch, dramatically, but I never could figure out what the hell he was going on about. Maybe I wasn’t so stupid… maybe I was just… 👿 and 😈 Bwahahahahahahahaaaa!

          • Dang. I just looked up Fulton J. Sheen. He won an emmy for Most Outstanding Television Personality. Do you agree Mr. 👿 😈 ?

            • I was kinda fond of Buffalo Bob and Howdy Doody, not to mention Princess Summerfall Winterspring, a real live girl. I think she’d get my vote back then for MOTP. What can I say – boy brain.

  7. We always called the Billy Graham, Lawrence Welk, Tournament of Roses Parade, Hollywood Palace and Bing Crosby Christmas Shows of the 60s, The Mom-Mom Shows. I got my love of gardening, cats and weather from her, and she had a great sense of humor. I can just imagine what she’d say about the Rethugs and Tea Partiers, but from my childhood to her passing in 1998, she loved to say people who made her mad were a *sour-assed belly ache*! She called Reagan and Daddy Bush pains in the ass. Just imagine what she’d have said about his son!

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