“They came first for the Communists, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist.Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist.Then they came for the Jews, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew. Then they came for me and by that time no one was left to speak up.”  Pastor Martin Niemoller as quoted by Keith Olbermann

Attention, all dip shits!!!

Muslims have been kickin’ it in America since before America existed.

Totally true!!!

In the 1700’s, Muslims spent a lot of their time gettin’ their asses kicked for being brown and they spent a lot of time in agribusiness…


Remember Kunta Kinte??

Total Muslim…before falling under the whip of his Christian master in Virginia.

(And yeah, I already know that maybe Alex Haley didn’t get his historical genealogical record straight, but that doesn’t change the fact that Kunta Kinte existed and was a Muslim from the village of Juffure in Gambia before being OWNED in Virginia.)

Moving ahead to our VH-One’s I love America in the 1800’s: Where were the Muslims? edition…

More fucking slavery.

But read the history of the Gullah Islands (particularly Georgia) and you’ll find Muslim slaves and a notable Muslim slaveowner.

More 1800’s…

A really kick-ass Muslim named Abraham first came to Spanish Florida as the slave of a Spanish doctor, served as an interpreter for his owner, and eventually became a leader among the Seminole Indians when America was conspiring to make Shit  Hole, Oklahoma a holding pen for all native Americans.

God!  We bring the awesome!  U-S-A!  U-S-A!

In 1856, the U.S. Calvary hired Hajj Ali to experiment with raising camels in Arizona.  Ali became a folk hero in Quartzsite, AZ.  People referred to him affectionately as “Hi Jolly!”

…which I’ve passed through Quartzsite.   It’s American Retiree City living in a bazillion trailer homes during the winter, squaredancing, and doing crafts.

I love the Hi Jolly nickname!

Pop Quiz for the 1900s!

Who invented the ice cream cone?  Yeah, a total Muslim.  While at the World’s Fair in St. Louis in 1904, Ernest Hamwi was ingenious enough to bend a waffle into a cone at the waffle booth he worked.  The ice cream booth was right next to him!

The history is SO much more rich than the bits I’ve touched on!

Fast forward: the 2000’s

Park 51 is no more a mosque than a homeschool living room during Bible study hour is a cathedral! (But so the fuck what if it was a mosque!!!!!)

Hating on Muslims is the new hating on gays with the continuity being hate (and fear) and ginning up the idiots!

What’s next?  Putting microchips in all the Muslim cab drivers in New York, then zapping ’em with a volt of electricity if they get too close to Ground Zero????

That’s really gonna suck for the Muslims who have been living in Lower Manhattan for a long ass time!


33 thoughts on “Hey, Bozos! There is no Ground Zero Mosque.

  1. i can understand the sensitivity issue, BUT…
    it’s 2 blocks away, not what i call ground zero
    it’s not a mosque
    it’s perfectly within their rights
    end of story

    • Darn tootin’ 🙂

      There are quite a few Muslim kids in my area. Enough to have a club at the High School. Recently, I overheard a white kid ask (in a really friendly way) a Muslim boy, “Where ya from?” The Muslim kid answered in a genuine Southern accent, “Tennessee.” 😀

  2. i was thinking yesterday about all the stories i’ve seen on tv where someone is murdered, and the family of the victim forgives the family of the murderer. everyone gets a warm fuzzy feeling and congratulates the forgiving family for realizing that the murderer’s family is not collectively guilty because one of their relatives committed a heinous act. but let’s say that the victim’s family was not forgiving. what should happen? should the murderer’s family (who are law-abiding decent people) be forced to move out of town, because seeing them upsets the victim’s family? should the victim’s family be allowed to make all decisions as to what the murderer’s family can and can’t do?

    this is what’s silly about the whole not-a-mosque controversy. muslims are all around the wtc site all the time. they work there, they live there, and they had nothing to do with the crime. decent, hard-working muslims died in the towers, and decent, brave muslim first responders rushed into that building and saved people. some of them lost their lives doing so. shouldn’t they be honored, too?

    9/11 was an act of a small group of brainwashed radicals. it had nothing to do with islam, other than using religion as an excuse to commit a heinous act (you know, like eric rudolph used his christianity as an excuse to blow up the olympics and abortion clinics).

    • Rudolph. Excellent comparison. The freaks and monsters are with us. No one religion, party, neighborhood, nation contains them all.

      When I think of Americans and my own sense of American-ness, I think of all the different types of people, nations, and religions of the world. We are all of them.

    • The dude that organized the “6 Flags muslim family day” at the end of Eid was killed when the towers came down. Americans were the targets and Americans were the victims, and folks aren’t allowed to pick and choose what flavor of Americans they get to remember being there.

      To do so is un-American.

      When writechic said “Hating on Muslims is the new hating on gays”, I reckon she isn’t too far off. Somebody realized that a) they’ve lost the young when it comes to hating gays, and b) it’s still ok to hate Muslims. I think the Dish had some stats today about @ 43% of Americans in a poll admitted to distrusting (or whatever) Muslims.

      F*ck it. If you love the constitution, if you honor the folks who have died for the constitution, you support the community center. The folks that are b*tching about it either aren’t thinking, or embrace theocracy and/or fascism dispite the flags in their lying, yapping mouths.

      To them I say, get out of the country you’re trying to sabotage, go buy an island along with Coulter, Lopez, Geller and Palin, and try to repopulate the world more to your liking.

      If you can.

      • “Americans were the targets and Americans were the victims, and folks aren’t allowed to pick and choose what flavor of Americans they get to remember being there.”

        Thank you. That’s exactly it.

      • except for one, the hijackers were also saudis. wanna bet that if the saudis bought up a shitload of property around ground zero, the rethugs wouldn’t say a word about it?

  3. CNN actually had that lie-spewing nutjob Pamela Geller on the air the other day, claiming that the centre would look directly over Ground Zero. This is part of the message the Muslim-haters are trying to get out. CNN had some mealy-mouthed comeback like, “but that doesn’t correspond with reality” with a map showing how far away it actually is.

  4. i live in a very mixed neighborhood with a high middle eastern and central asian population, bay ridge brooklyn… i can’t tell you how resentful I am that these racist ppl who have no interaction with a neighborhood as vibrant, buoyant and exciting as mine get to have a say in ruining it… fuck THEM… i mean it’s something that’s actually pissing off a whole mess of new yorkers (not something you will see in Murdoch owned NYPost which first lit the store and then fanned the flames)…

    great great great post

    i’m so happy to see more of the netleft step up for nyc.. seriously, thank you

    one love one struggle,
    –reverend manny of the human tribe
    p.s. here’ s my slightly less diplomatic take

  5. It’s like Palin has a really big megaphone to broadcast any little thing that floats through that silly head of hers…

    p.s. Finally got around to blogging about the article written about my song about the local white supremacist. For that matter, finally got around to blogging again, period. But you’ll notice that in the accompanying photo, I look less like typewriter keys than I normally do in the blogosphere…

  6. I just went and read the famous Four Freedoms that FDR spoke of in his January 1941 State of the Union speech: (1) Freedom of speech and expression (2) FREEDOM OF RELIGION (3) Freedom from want (4) Freedom of fear. The last two are not “constutional” rights so would be objectionable to gopers. And #2 doesn’t stand a chance in this climate where we will poll decide everything.

    • ‎”Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for dinner. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the outcome.” –(Attributed to) Benjamin Franklin

      Your reference to polls made me think of this quote that Manny put up the other day on Facebook. Of course, if American Muslims decide to bring up the second amendment, all fuck would break loose.

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