Mental for McNuggets, a Toledo woman is convicted of flipping her shit at a McDonald’s in January 2010.

McNugget Nut Job
Give me McNuggets, or Give Me Jail Time!

You’ll remember this delicate Ohio flower seen above in her princessy mugshot.  Miss Melodi Dushane went apeshit learning the fast food restaurant would not serve her McNuggets before 10:30 in the morning.   And she doesn’t remember a fucking thing–so says her Fucktard Counsel of Awesome, John McMahon:

Well it was New Years, New Year’s Eve…You know, you drink. She was definitely shocked by what she saw because she didn’t remember it.”

Dushane received two months in jail and a year of probation over the incident.

This post brought to you by DOUCHE-SHANE Travel!  It’s all the rage!


29 thoughts on “Very Important Toledo McNugget Fucktard Update!

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  2. great strategery by her attorney. not only did she go ballistic on the mickey d’s employees, but she was driving drunk, too! did you notice the foam when the bottle hit the window? that was a beer bottle she threw! you know, sometimes it’s better to just make a deal with the prosecutor instead of taking your chances with a judge or jury.

    • You know, Nonnie, I’d like to live in a world where I’d be mortified to say fucktard in a public forum…but what other word fits so well? I’m actually a HUGE ol’ fan of etiquette.

      Dushane is off the chain. Yeah, a beer bottle. Girlfriend is classy with K. She solved everything by being a vicious drunk.

      And don’t even get me started with the moron representing her. 😯 He says “you drink” like yall drink, like we all drive around drunk on New Year’s Eve (and he intentionally muddled what he was saying, because it was early morning New Year’s Day. His client was drunk in the AM, and that’s normal?). Glad the asshole (JOHN MCMAHON) isn’t driving around here.

      • One has to wonder what melody Miss Melodi was listening to that night… it definitely was not harmonious.

        On the avatar, I almost look that good still. But I figure the gap in looks is more than made up for in smarts and charm and wealth and humility. 😈

  3. And BTW what is it with blondes lately? This one tries to destroy a restaurant with her bare hands and a beer mug, and then there’s the blonde guy who did the airplane exit down the chute (yay for him!) but he also grabbed a couple of beers on the way out. Maybe blonde and beer is a bad combo… any medical research being done on that? Huh, huh? Anybody?

    • I actually kinda liked the flight attendant guy. The passenger was a twat…hit him in the head with a piece of luggage after refusing to sit down, told him to fuck off, called him a mother fucker. Having “the man’s” foot on your neck gets overbearing. So, he’s actually a sympathic freakout to me. I think the blonde thing is a coincident.

      • Having walked off more than one job myself, I totally get the guy. I say ‘Bravo!’ And anyway I think his blonde came from a bottle so I wouldn’t actually include him in the blonde/beer statistical tables.

    • Ian! you’re right of course. Douche-shane is perfect. 😆

      (I thought of you on my trip to Central America. I’ll have to show you the picture that explains. Maybe I can peg it to this story. Hmmm.)

  4. beer.blonde.burger joint.break shit.Yeah.Never trust a blonde.A drunk blonde.A hungry drunk blonde.A hungry drunk blonde that can not get her nuggets in the morning.Shit. you were right.Fucktard fits so well.I am glad I do not drink any more.

  5. the only thing good you can say about the whole deal is that she wasn’t a southerner…for a change.
    not that region has a bearing on stupidity…lord knows there are rednecks everywhere

    • Wonder if it was South Toledo now that you mention it, Vicki. 😉

      But it’s true, the South has be no means cornered the market on stupidity…it’s just funnier when we’re stupid:

        • Katrina definitely not our shining moment. And at this point, I don’t that we would do much better in the aftermath of another storm. I think our initial response would be better, but poor people are fucked in America as a rule.

  6. Yes it is!! I have always wondered exactly what part of the chicken do “nuggets” come from. It’s all so Pythonesque: “good thing I didn’t mention the dirty knife.”

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