Click here for the latest update (perp still at large)–

h/t Reverend Manny

I first saw Antoine Dodson recount the story of the attempted rape of his sister over on Manny’s site.  The crime happened  in Huntsville, Alabama.  The Dodson family’s courage and indignation had me cheering for them.  And thank God Antoine was there to protect his family.  His interview with a Huntsville news station, WAFF, went viral.  Reporter Elizabeth Gentle says it’s the number one video on her TV station’s website.

Now someone has gone and produced an Antoine Dodson rap on youtube…

There are even ringtones of his sound bites.  The family didn’t expect global publicity, but they did want their neighbors warned.  They also want the attacker caught.

“Pretty much I’m going to be beat his ass and then I’m going to call the police while I’m beating his ass. I want you to feel what my sister feel when you came into her room,” Antoine told WAFF.

Antoine and his sister give a description of the attacker in this interview.


17 thoughts on “Huntsville Hero the Rap (Antoine Dodson Saves his Sister)

    • Gentle’s article said some people had their panties in a wad about the Dobsons’ publicity. Those people can STFU. If the perp catches wind of all this, chances are he won’t try to attack them again.

      People love this guy Antoine because he’s as brave as we all want to be when confronting a bad guy. More power to him! 🙂

  1. I love that he’s gonna beat the rapist’s ass and THEN call the police…he shouldn’t get in a hurry to make that call…mad props to Antoine!
    hope they find the perv

    • Antoine’s a character! Hope they find the creep, too. Kelly Dodson, for all her strength, is probably walking around with a major case of the willies.

  2. how sad is it that i’m shocked that the cops are actually investigating? as for antoine, he needs to have his own cop/private investigator/vigilante tv show. he’d be so much more interesting that all those csi and law & order guys.

    • It’s Handsome Al…no relation to Weird Al. 🙂

      I’ve checked for updates and the attacker is still at-large, but at least there’s a description out there and a shit ton of publicity! I wonder if the criminal is one of those egomaniacs that’ll just HAVE to tell someone all the fuss is about him. I hope so because that’s exactly what’ll get him caught…the lowlife, ratfuck!

      I hope you’re less busy than me this week, Al. Omg, totally swamped.

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