Siberian Tony
Everybody Hates Tony.


Banking on an American accent being better than British, BP will replace CEO Tony Hayward with Robert Dudley and send Tony to Siberia, Russia…

…where the food is even grosser than England.

Tony is taking Dudley’s old job playing bitch to billionaire Russians at BP-TNK.

Dudley had to flee Russia because BP-TNK’s oligarch co-owners hassled him hard over a shareholder dispute (Reuters)!

Both Reuters and AP report Haytard’s transfer as a sign the company still values the CEO who wanted “his life back.”

But BP’s big guns might just be trying to save the $18,000,000 golden parachute Tony has strapped to his back if he’s tossed.

Hey, BP Big Guns:  Siberia…very funny.  But a parachute made of actual gold coupled with bouncing Tony from 10,000 feet over the Gulf of Mexico…much funnier.


18 thoughts on “BP Sending Tony Haytard to Siberia, Ha-ha-ha-ha!

  1. Long overdue, and suitably far enough away to qualify as punishment…but I’m sure BP will furnish him a luxe dacha to ease the pain.
    What a plummy-sounding little pom he is…

    • Definitely long overdue, Vicki. This is the closest to skid row. I guess, Gaffe Boy will get. Gaffe boy, World Ass Clown, Valium boy (Congressional appearance)…

      I think it’s better BP make him work than cut him loose with $18 million. The good people of the Gulf Coast have enough to retch about.

      Good to see you 🙂

  2. I can just imagine Tony pleading with the ruskie oligarch gangsters “I want my life back and I mean it this time!” Not to worry though. I’m sure Dudley will Do-right.

  3. Welcome back, Melissa…and yet another interesting and informative post. Wondering aloud if Mr. Hayward should spend at least 80 days in the natural habitat with the animals his former company affected? Maybe the animals could feast on him due to a lack of their normal food chain…Maybe he could actually spend 80 days helping the good folks hands-on in the Gulf region to recover from his mess too…

    Have a great week…

  4. idk why, but this reminded me of Fred Koch who made his millions through Stalin and then went on to found the John Birch Society…

    There’s nowhere on this planet, including Siberia, where Hayward can go and not experience at least some small echo of the environmental holocaust BP has unleashed on the gulf…

    as always, love the animated gif, rofl

  5. Day Vear. Svim Vear. Evenink Vear.

    That said, I’d rather all the managers who helped perpetrate this nonsense, the ones whose carried out the deliberate policy of ignoring safety regulations, got their hats handed to them, along with every person in the Bush admin that helped gut the regulatory agencies.

  6. Mr. Hayward was/is the fall guy or the scape goat if you prefer. Someone had to go down. He got a bad rap but also shouldn’t have been out on his yacht back home while the oil was spewing. Nice site, lots of stuff. 😉 John

    • Thanks for visiting, John. I half grew up in Toledo, then grew up the other half in New Orleans. My parents have a business on the Gulf coast which has had its ass handed to it because of the spill. So, I’m taking this all very personally.

      I checked out your site, and it looks like you’re as conservative as I am liberal. It warms my bleeding heart to find a little common ground with folks on the other end of the political spectrum. 😀

      • Well, never been to N.O. and only passed through Toledo on the way south. No matter a person’s politics, the bottom line is that Katrina was a major catastrophic event that wrecked the lives of millions. Our humanity should precede the politics.

        We’ve all heard our share of arguments and political finger pointing about the hurricane. That will never help things. Not sure I could be more conservative than I am now… Have a great weekend!

  7. All o’ yall~ 😀

    It’s okay by me that the spoiled, whiny, self-absorbed little bitch boy takes his lumps. He personifies the kind of leadership that gets his people killed, and he has to live with it. Failboy had a chance to redeem himself. In 2005 he promised “laser-like focus” on safety after a bunch of BP accidents…including the Texas City refinery explosion that killed 15 people. But the shoddy record continued. Hayward wasn’t single-handedly in charge of making sure alarms were turned on and equipment was properly inspected. But he was responsible for putting the right people in place to make it happen.

    Five years later, 11 dead, millions of gallons of oil decimating wildlife, coast lines, and businesses. The survivor accounts of the platform violently shaking before the explosion chill. One of the victim’s wives talked about her husband putting his will in order before he went out (to his death on the rig); he was that concerned about poor conditions at the BP site.

    Exiling Gaffe man to Siberia is an adequate gesture, but BP has to deliver on its promise to clean up after itself and do better. (And it’d be nice to see people in our government jump out of the oil company bed!)

    Meh…I talk too much. 🙂

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