Saint Sarah: Newsweek
Sarah Simplex 1


So, I’m at the orthodontist office with my son Tuesday morning.   I’m thumbing through the June whatever 2010 “Saint Sarah” issue of Newsweak.  The meat of the article posits Half-Governor Palin is Miss Messiah America 2012 for the Christian right.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.  Tell me something I don’t know.  Charisma sans intellect rules the right.  Got it.

So, I start taking in the faces of Sarah mania because the text is rehashing old, old, old, old news.   And no shit, this old holy roller chick at a snowbilly rally is sporting a big ol’ herpes sore on her lip.  I came home and immediately searched for the photo at Newsweak, but no luck.  Still I had to give you an idea of how it looked.

Had to!

(Sincerest apologies for my absence lately.  Summer messes with my routine…in a good way mostly.)


17 thoughts on “Refudiate Your Own Eyes if You Will

  1. refudiate: v., from the root refudd-, Amer. Engl., based on the cartoon character Elmer Fudd, who sought in every episode to refudiate Bugs Bunny.

    Shakespeare, my ass!

  2. liz constantly points out the differences to me in Palin’s photoshopped as opposed to unphotoshopped pics…

    wonder if that’s the thing that would kill her “magnetism” for the right… it’d only be too stupid, and as such, fucking appropriate…. smh…

    you can’t get herpes from shooting wolves can you? cuz i just got back from the PalinKillChopperTours and I haven’t felt any weird tinglings… i know there’s a latency period so I need to figure out whether i need to get on some repressive therapy…

    • Princess Sarah looks more like Prince Sarah in the unphotoshopped. That’s my cue anyway.

      The thing that will save us from Sarah, there really aren’t enough REALLY, REALLY dumb people.

      Take Paltrex for the tingleys:

  3. neither.She does have a nice rack.That’s what bags are for.
    (papah’ ‘o plastique?)
    she is cute.in a way…her own special little way.

    • Yes! Thanks for noticing, JJ. They are meant to reflect the discourse. Have you ever seen such a ginormous Sarah on a cold sore before? Me neither.

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