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Gee.  Wonder why U.S. Senate GOP candidate Sharron Angle flees in terror from reporters?

Cuz when it comes to, say, a teenager giving birth to her rapist uncle’s baby…”God has a plan.”  Sharron is convinced:

Bill Manders: Is there any reason at all for an abortion?

Sharon Angle: Not in my book.

Bill Manders: So, in other words, rape and incest would not be something?

Sharron Angle: You know, I’m a Christian, and I believe that God has a plan and a purpose for each one of our lives, and that he can intercede in all kinds of situations, and we need to have a little faith in many things. (Think Progress)

Jesus!  She talks like John Dewey writes!

Sharron is probably just protecting her supporters: the inbred.

Not to be outdone in grossness, geezer Fred Thompson wants your grandma’s house:


21 thoughts on “Gross-of-Sharron: Nevada’s Delicate Flower of Teabagging

  1. i saw that commercial with fred pull my finger thompson last week, and i started laughing. i guess he went to the same employment agency as j.d. hayworth. the only jobs they have for has-beens are informercials. 😆

    as for sharron obtuse angle (by the way, keith olbermann called her that tonight, and i just know he got it from me), i want to ask her if she’d get treatment if she was told she had cancer or if she’d just figure it was g-d’s plan. 🙄

    excellent blingeeing tonight, melissa. i love your travelogue posts, but i missed the blingee.

    • OMG, I can’t believe how they line up for the predatory stuff! Can you imagine any of them actually sponsoring a respectable product? No! They, Beck, are all, hey you desperate fools…lose your money right here.

      And Sharron!

      She finally had herself chewed up and spit out. Her voice was quivering by the end of the interview…and that plastered smile. Ugh!

      Thanks for noticing the bling. 😀

      You know, after Joe the dancing fetus is born, Angle would be all about denying him health care, WIC, Head Start and any other so-called entitlement. Sharron’s confusing God’s plan with her own…as religious nutters tend to do.

      • that woman is such an idiot. she says one thing and then she says the exact opposite in the next sentence.

        joe the fetus? will he be campaigning with capt underpants?

        • Bizarre that she dropped names of others to defend her position. It came off as, “well johnny does it.” It’s like she barely studied an article on the person she cited as opposed to putting hard thought into forming a conviction.

          Senator Reid may be safe. I just hit an article that had Angle ads in the sidebar. The message amounted to “I”m not Reid.” That’s not gonna be enough.

          • every fekkin website i go to, even the ones that have free fonts, have a fekkin sharron obtuse angle ad. even the big orange has had them. she must be getting lots of money from all the teabaggers around the country, because she made a big media buy. interesting that none of the ads have her joker-like face, just harry reid’s.

  2. Hi Melissa,

    It’s unfortunate that the state of politics in our country at present is akin to an angry bull who has left the arena and leaped into the stands, meaning that what once was a spectator sport is fastly becoming a contact sport, where an angry, disenchanted electorate is actively getting involved into the political process, sometimes saying things that leave them feeling like a caveman afterwards…that’s my take on Angle.

    Have linked your website on my blogroll and wanted to stop in today to wish you and yours a safe and wonderful July 4th Celebration too. Cheers!

    • Hey, Al! I got your numbers in my roll. 😀

      I’m looking at the present state of politics as one reaction against the other…i.e. Obama elected enthusiastically because he wasn’t Bush. The Angles crop up as a reaction against uber liberal socialist (NOT) Obama.

      The Independents, I guess, saw in Obama what I didn’t see, a very center left position.

      I’m heading to the coast with my younger boys for the Fourth of July. The beaches in Panama City Beach are still unspoiled. Enjoy your holiday! 😀

    • Thanks for the good wishes as always. 😀

      I’m swamped in work right now. Sorry for the delayed response.

  3. If a rape-baby is God’s plan and you should accept it, then a black democratic 2-term president is god’s plan and you should accept it. Hell, by that logic, *Roe v. Wade* is god’s plan and you should accept it. *Harry Reid* is god’s plan and you should accept it.

    She doesn’t give a pantload about god — just whether things are to her liking or not. Just like every other god-bothering Republican.

    Frakkin’ loontard.

  4. For someone to have to go thru the horrible crime of rape, if this she-bitch is elected, then be told that you can’t have an abortion because some Rethug’s god says to she -bitch that is not allowed, would be enough to make me want to find some ammo and shut up and reload! That is the biggest load of bullshit, but typical Rethuglican!

    • That’s the very reason I couldn’t stop cringing when I came across this story. I know people who have been raped, and it’s devastating. These friends had their faith in the general goodness of people shattered. The experience was radically life-altering on an emotional level. Each woman spent years recovering and rebuilding their abilities to trust. For Angle to approach the crime and victims on such a cavalier level is revolting and betrays how removed she is from real life, real world, and real people.

  5. Just when Sarah Palin was at the top of my list of people nuttier than a Chinese chicken salad, this crazy broad shows up. I guess Sarah didn’t set the crazy bar as high as I thought she had. Way-to-go Sharron!!!

    • I suspect Angle will end up toast. Now, I read Romney and Palin camps have already started sparring re the 2012 election.

  6. Hi Melissa,

    Just checking back in anticipation of your next post. Hopefully you and the boys enjoyed a safe and wonderful 4th of July celebration. Have a great day!

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