Alexa meandering through a Cacao Plantation

I’d live in Costa Rica.  It’s absolutely beautiful.  The country receives 18 feet of rain a year, but the sun shined for us.  Wherever there isn’t a planation, house, or road, there’s rainforest.  Alexa and I visited a Cacao plantation that promised homemade chocolate whipped up right in the great outdoors.

Banana Plantation

Costa Rica boasts 97% literacy.  Another point of national pride is how Costa Ricans wrested their lands back from the United Fruit Company.  The company Intel is also based in Costa Rica.  We docked in Limon.  Our tour guide, Eddie, said the Caribbean side of his country is much more impoverished.  We passed a banana plantation on the way to the cacao plantation.


Bananas are grown in these blue bags to prevent them from ripening fully.  Eddie explained how Americans loathe brown spots on their bananas.

Wild Orchids

Bird of Paradise

Wild orchids and birds-of-paradise are both native to Costa Rica.  But I was most enchanted with the country’s walking tree or walking palm.

The Costa Rican Walking Tree

This Walking Tree’s trunk  is elevated about 5 feet above the ground.  On average the trees “walk” about 10 centimeters a year.  They gravitate in the direction of water, sunlight, and nutrients.  In order to move, they let roots die on one side of the tree and throw down new roots in the direction they want to travel.  I want one!!!


2 thoughts on “Falling in Love with Costa Rica

  1. lovely pix. i used to watch house hunters international, and they had an episode in cost rica. i was so tempted to just pack up and move there, but then i remembered i don’t speak spanish and i can’t stand the heat here in floriduhhh, so how am i going to stand the rain forest?

    so did you get the fresh chocolate? if so, was it good. if it was, maybe i wouldn’t mind the heat so much.

    • The heat wasn’t bad because there were so many trees. I guess there are a lot of expats on the West side of the country.

      And I did get fresh chocolate. I just published a post on it. OMG, it was so great. I should have proposed to Phillipe. 😀

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