Melissa and Alexa after being fattened up at the Captain's Dinner

I’m finally in the mood to post pictures from my daughter’s and my trip to Central America.  I’ve never eaten so much in my life.  The nice hazy effect on this shot happened because I brought the camera from AC to 95° temperatures in about 1000% percent humidity.  Thanks to the tropics, I now know the natural state of my hair: dreadlocks.

Carnival Ships: Freedom & Liberty

Our first stop was Cozumel, Mexico.  Alexa and I have lived near the Mexican border; so, we weren’t all “woo-hoo” Mexico.  We wandered around the markets finding everything outrageously over-priced.  We ate at a corner outdoor restaurant.  I had a pina colada that had too much liquor, not enough coconut and pineapple, woo-hoo Mexico!  Afterward we rested in the shade of coconut trees and enjoyed the view of our ship which carried 3,000 passengers and 1,800 crew members.

Alexa resting with her Hollywood sunglasses.

Cozumel, Mexico was hotter than hell not unlike Northern Mexico in the Sonoran desert.  (Whoever tries to sell you the desert as a dry heat, you should punch them in the spleen.  It’s a trick.)  Next time we hit Cozumel, it’s snorkeling the coral reefs.


10 thoughts on “Cruising to Central America

  1. you did not happen to pick up a handful of green uncooked coffee beans for your favorite uncle did you?just wondering.the pics are uber awsome!!!

  2. You pics are great! Tropical foliage, clean water and blue sky. I didn’t believe you when you said you had a daughter Alexa’s age. Geez! You guys could pass as sisters!

    • Isn’t it gorgeous?? And thank you for the compliment. I console myself over the toll that age is taking on me by telling myself I just look like a hungover 30 year old. 😆

      Plus, I exercise my ass off…which I resent. Fitness should just come naturally.

  3. I do not exercise.I do however work my ass of at work and I like to walk.Yesterday
    I walked a couple times-just to work on my tan though.I need to throw on some shorts and go work on the other half of my tan.My legs have not seen sun since last summer(and it was only once when I went to check the mail in my boxers-but that does not count.)

    • 😆 I gave up risking public indecency when my car broke down once while I was wearing a robe! Never again. 😆

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