During the House Energy and Commerce Committee hearing, Rep. Cliff Stearns (R-Florida) invited BP chairman Lamar McKay to resign for the company’s miserable, repeated failures in the Gulf of Mexico.  But Vietnamese-American Rep. Anh “Joseph” Cao (R-Louisiana) who represents Gretna (near New Orleans), tapped his roots in suggesting Stearns next career move:

Mr. Stearns asked Mr. McKay to resign.  Well, in the Asian culture we do things differently.  During the Samurai days, we just give you a knife and ask you to commit harakiri.”

(You don’t have to go back to Samurai days to find Asian people choosing suicide as a solution for vast personal failure.  In 2007, a Chinese toy executive killed himself after a massive recall of Mattel products made by his company.   In 2008, one of the Chinese poison baby milk executives attempted suicide but failed.  In 2009 a former South Korean president ended his life before accusations could entirely catch up with him.  Then there’s Chung Mong-hun of Hyundai and Yangsan Mayor Oh Geun-sup and Busan mayor Ahn Sang-Young and Governor Park Tae-young.)

I loved Cao’s steely nerve as he addressed BP’s chairman, but one must have a sense of honor and the capacity for shame to understand what Cao was saying.  And I feel pretty certain Lamar McKay and Tony “I would like my life back” Hayward know nothing about either.


16 thoughts on “Rep. Cao to BP Exec: You May Die with Honor

  1. yayyy!!! melissa’s back! melissa’s back!!! 😀

    i just happened to have c-span on when cao made that remark. my chin dropped to the floor. while i have no objection to any of the bp hierarchy choosing harakiri, i thought that a hearing in the house was not the time or place for the suggestion. not saying that embarrassing the asswipes is a bad thing in a hearing, but suggesting that they kill themselves is a bit much.

    • 😀 Thanks, Nonnie!

      I prize propriety, but I am not exactly Miss Manners. I laughed my ass after guffawing….then laughed a bunch more imagining McKay trying to understand!

      Too bad Cao didn’t bring a knife! 😆

      • i’m no fucking miss manners (she can kiss my ass) either. i know, shocking! 😯 howevah, i still didn’t like what cao said. maybe it was the delivery. he needs to work on his timing. now, if jews had a tradition of harakiri, you can bet anthony weiner would have really made the most of that line, and he probably would have had a drummer on hand for the rimshot. alan grayson would have had the sword, a drummer, and a chart showing why it would be a good idea for them to commit harakiri.

        • Ha! 😆

          It’s true. Cao blew completely his delivery. Generally, you expect a little charisma to companion a politician. Cao is a glaring exception. But the courtesy of the delivery is SO Asian. (My experience with Asian culture has been-politeness is paramount.) So, it’s like a big, fat yin/yang paradox thing.

          If an Irish had told McKay to commit harakiri, McKay woulda looked forward to seeing his own guts spilling out. Probably because of the whiskey. 😉

          • of course, an italian would have delivered it best. after the hearing, the execs would have made a pit stop in the men’s room. while they were washing their hands, some thugs in the stalls would remove handguns (with silencers, of course) from the toilet tanks, throw the stall doors open, and leave carnage in their wake as they calmly leave the capital and head over to luigi’s for some scungilli. not that i stereotype or anything.

  2. Cao should know the cultural differences of the “white mans way” from all that French influence in Indochina. There is but one way, The revolver left on the nightstand! (and welcome back M)

  3. I thought it quite humorous when Rep. Cao said what he did, considering McKay looked scared to death like Cao was going to actually bring him a sword. McKay ranks right up there as one of the ugliest men I have ever seen. After Cao spoke his line, if he had gotten up out of his seat I think McKay’s big eyes would’ve ran out the door!

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