Don’t have a lot of time, but here are some pictures from June 3, 2010:

Mural in Progress by Justin Weinmann

Stack of Summer Cancellations

Flowers in the Sand...need to look up the name.

Kid boogie boards on Panama City Beach shoreline

Clump of seaweed

Clean Water

Sugar Sand


14 thoughts on “More Pre-BP Photos of the Gulf

  1. Hey, you left out the pictures of girls in skimpy bikinis. And you left out the pictures of the oil execs being eaten by sharks and drowning in goopy crude.

    Just ’cause you’re going on a richly deserved vacation doesn’t mean you can slip up at the last minute.

    • My bad! Oil execs eaten by sharks would be the money shot! 😀

      Did you see BP is creating a KBR type company? Fuckers.

  2. Hi Writechic! In all my pissing and moaning commenting, I forgot to wish you a great vacation! I hope things don’t get worse on those beautiful white beaches, but it doesn’t look good. Let us know what people in Central America have said about it all.

  3. Have a wonderful time. Whilst in Panama, see if they have any McCain “I was born in the canal zone and all I got was this lousy presidential campaign” t-shirts left. I would gladly pay you tuesday…

  4. It’s a crying shame. We will have to view old photos to reme,ber how our gulf was before it was turned into a cesspool by the #4 coporation on earth couldn’t spend half a mil on a goddamned shut-off valve.

    • It’s awful, Jerry. I can’t believe what might be there when I get back, but the poor land in Louisiana…. 😦

  5. Thanks for posting these.
    You know — it’s just heartbreaking to see what’s happening elsewhere.

    Your photos make me happy.

    What’s happening elsewhere makes me wanna ‘lube up’ any random oil exec I could findand do ‘not good things’ to his ‘no no’ areas.

    • omg, you are a wonderful human being, a dame after my own heart… 😈 Give the bastards some ‘not good things’ from me too.

    • When I got back, there was still no oil in PCB. A relief, but disaster looms. I was out on a third floor balcony until about 2 or 3 in the morning on Sunday. Saw people going down the beach dressed in white with flash lights looking at the shoreline. Also, there were 3 vessels with spotlights out beyond the wave break. I thought they were laying booms, but there was nothing there when the sun came up. Strange.

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