Good Food!

I’m heading back down to Florida Thursday morning.   First stop: Panama City Beach.   I may get one more post up before I head out on a cruise to Central America.    My daughter and I depart from Port Everglades, and we’re both really looking forward to kayaking on the Panama Canal.  Some how all of our conversations lately come around to that topic! 🙂

Panama City Beach, Florida (May 31, 2010)

The water was still gorgeous on the Florida Panhandle this Memorial Day.  Plenty of sunshine and a mild surf…perfect for these little ones!

Ready to Romp in the Gulf of Mexico...but first: CHEESE!

This brother and sister saw me taking shots of the water and stopped with no prompting from me and waited for me to take their picture.  As soon as I saw them posed and waiting for me to do my job, I did. 😀

And off they went…

Panama City Beach, Florida

My boys love cake.

"Mom is great! She gave us a chocolate cake...each!"


21 thoughts on “Back to the Gulf Coast and Beyond!

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  2. i love those frozen cakes! i used to buy them all the time (back in the day when i couldn’t afford anything else and could eat them all day and stay skinny).

    have a safe trip. do you know what day you’ll be in ft. l?

    • This will be my lengthiest absence in two years! Those porny fucks from Russia will probably be rubbing all over The Press while I’m gone….Bastards.

      I only know French revolutionary words…so, I think I’ll be okay. In Spanish, I can shop! 😀

  3. I am also hearing mumblings in the underground about journalists being
    “licensed” ? just wanted to pass that along.

  4. herding cats takes talent-but it CAN be done-if someone speaks”cat” fluently.
    I can herd up to 7 at a time-after that they start fighting and bitching and telling me to go fuck myself.Little bastards think they have me out-numbered. I work 50-60 hours a week for catfood and all their “special” toys and all I get is
    we want more ,kiss the pink spot and i can’t open it i aint got no thumbs.
    sorry.didn’t mean to get off on a tangent.I do love them and they do keep the mice away and bury their poop and stuff.For whatever that’s worth.

  5. Hey, Wow! You get to go on a boat ride now! I’m sure you will enjoy it! Be sure to see the sunsets, and if you’re up early enough, sunrise. They’re just awesome at sea.
    Have fun and I hope you don’t get seasick.

    • Hey, Tommy! I’m back. Can you believe I got landsick? I was perfectly in my element on the water, but once I hit dry ground and headed out of the port, every step was a jolt until I was just achy from head to toe. Weird.

      And Central America was gorgeous!

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