Call for a Claim Number

If your business is suffering because of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, there is some recourse.  BP will pay some compensation for your losses.   First, you call BP at 1-800-573-8249 for a claim number.  Here is a list of the some of the records you’ll need:

  • Tax Records
  • Profits and Loss forms from the Income Tax Statement
  • Monthly records from 2008 and 2009
  • Revenue records from 2010
  • Copies of all cancellations (i.e. hotel)
  • Rates, brochures with rates
  • Occupancy count for May (i.e. hotel)
  • Expense Records from 2008, 2009, and 2010
  • Business license (copy)
  • Driver License (copy)

My family’s business is hospitality.  If yours is a seafood restaurant, not to worry, BP will tell you the specifics when you call for your claim number.  The maximum dollar amount for losses is $5,000….which is a pittance if your monthly revenue is $30K.   But if you’re a small business, you know some help is better than none.  Laid-off employees can be compensated up to $700 a month.

BP is not asking you to sign anything if you’re worried they’ll sneak some fine print in on you.


13 thoughts on “BP Offering Some Money for Small Businesses

  1. you have to endorse the check. read every single word on the check carefully, so you know you aren’t signing away any rights to sue them later on. they can be sneaky and put some legal mumbo-jumbo on the check. i wouldn’t trust those bastards as far as i could throw them, and i can’t throw very far.

    • Righteous lawyer in the next life, Nonnie. 😀 I’m adding this line up in the post: “Sign the check ‘for deposit only’ though nothing on the check looks suspicious.

      It’s a goddamn shame people have to watch for daggers in the back.

      • As I can’t see too well anyways I realize it is due to “mis-placed vision anxiety”…
        WTF?(and the lens is getting denser as you get older)part of my vision is detoured to the eyes in the back of my head.It helps sometimes.READ EVERYTHING TWICE.

  2. I hope this payout is just a temporary deal and that they will make good on ALL losses, every goddam penny.

    Did you see where that creepy little bastard CEO is blaming the sickness some of the clean-up workers are being hospitalized for on food poisoning, despite all their symptoms being respiratory? MSNBC did a bit on it last night, getting a leading medical expert on food poisoning to debunk the lie.

    I think it might be best to look at everything these slimy scumbags do and say as their effort to prepare to minimize their losses in the legal cases.

    If you want a good look at the sociopathic operations of oil companies take a look at what they’ve done and are doing in Nigeria.

    And I was right about the top kill. It would have been great if it worked, but ten to one they knew it wasn’t going to work before they even started. Their PR guys told them they have to look like they’re doing something while they wait for the relief well to come in.

    Bastards. No oil company executive should ever be able to appear in public again without being afraid.

    • The check that came here was issued by BP’s insurance company, and it states it’s partial payment for loss of revenue.

      In April my parents had a record month and were set for the same in May. What may drive them out of business is that “season” is the time they make all their bank notes. Except for this weekend, it’s been dead. This place has been in business for 54 years.

      In 2005, 28 storms kept people away. In 2006, the housing bubble burst and more and more people had no money. This year people finally seem to have a little money, but they aren’t spending it on the coast (and right now only 3 beaches are closed in Louisiana!). BP’s disaster may be the death of this place. And we’re just one. Everyone on this block is in the same predicament.

  3. Amen, Ric! Common Dreams has that story on their website and Shell is screwing the Nigerian people big time! Oil in their water and all over the land due to aging pipes and valves, but of course Shell blames the citizens and vandalism. I’m sure the citizens are digging at 40 year old pipes to make oil come out of them! They are dying in their 40s so how would they have the strength to damage a pipe? The oil companies have nothing stopping their arrogance, and Obama isn’t stopping it here either!

    • Everyone’s guard is up against BP. I read they were judge shopping in Texas for an oil industry ass-kissing judge.

      Obama said Friday, “At our insistence, BP is paying economic injury claims, and we’ll make sure that when all is said and done, the victims of this disaster will get the relief that they are owed. We’re not going to abandon our fellow citizens. We’ll help them recover and we will help them rebuild.”

  4. It’s just sickening. Our beloved Gulf of Mexico, our only contact with the global oceans being slowly killed a gallon at a time. All those pleasant memories of trips to Freeport and Galveston and Padre Island will just be that, memories. All those white sands of Pensacola will be next. In the haste to make some more money, after screwing up the first bore for the same goddamned reason, they do it twice but in a spectacular mannor. Melissa, with your press contacts, can you come up with the NAME of the company jackass on that rig overuling the driller, tool pusher, tech guys in the shack, anybody actually doing their job? This person has never been identified in the press and neither has the person responsible for nixing the acoustic shut off valve that so many countries require. There is no end to the insanity. Just yesterday I saw an interview of a woman who was on the bridge and sent out the distress call after it blew up. She was severly reprimanded by the captain because she did not have PERMISSION to send that message! And another for ordering abandom ship when the whole thing is engulfed in flame with periodic explosions. Sorry to hear of your personal loss but take what you can get now because it may be all you see unless life expectancy increases greatly. Like one guy remarked: “The lawyers who will argue this case before the Supreme Court have not been born yet.”

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