Watch and weep.


13 thoughts on “Oil Spill Deja Vu

  1. National Geographic ran the hour long show tonight documenting the history of it all including film of the rig sinking. If you missed it, watch for the rerun. A must see.

  2. Hi! I’m Tony Hayward! And I’m Doug Suttles! And we are the BP Buttf**k Pissheads! We are in charge and we don’t know shit! We ruin your environment, f**k up your local economy, and forget your kids and grandkids having good health, clean air to breathe and fresh groundwater in coastal Louisiana and next the rest of the Gulf Coast, the Southeast and eventually the East Coast! We have our heads up our bloody asses and I guarantee with us in charge, that’s right where they’ll stay! Doug & Tony

    • Someone needs to belt CEO Tony Haytard in the mouth! I read last night “his scientists” say there aren’t oil plumes beneath the surface even though 3 independent groups of university researchers found there were plumes.

  3. I guess y’all know the bad news! My sister and I got back from an early holiday Memorial Day cookout (to be 90+ deg. here in S.E.P.A. Sun. & Mon.) and first thing when I got home I turned on CNN. Honestly I expected we’d hear the worse, no matter how hopeful we are. I have never been on the Gulf Coast but not only do I feel sad for veterans this holiday weekend, but I feel sad for the Gulf fishermen, Gulf residents in general and all those animals killed and suffering from this disaster.

    • I’m on the beach now, and business is good for Memorial Day weekend, but the cancellations for June and July are pouring in. June is the time charter fisherman book our place.

  4. By the way the media has been reporting the efforts to stop the leak, you’d think that some brain storming has taken place to come up with ideas to get a handel on the mess. I love TMRS. I may even love Rachel. No, seriously…I think I love her.

  5. Somebody better come up with a way to deal with this mess, because BP doesn’t know Jack Shit! It’s just piss in the swimming pool to them and it’s about time Obama puts someone in charge who gets the best scientists, engineers and experts on the job, not Braindead Pricks. Fishermen trying to make money cleaning the shit up and that fucker Tony Hayward says they are getting sick not from the fucking mess, but food poisoning! Put fucking Hayward’s head in the shit and make him eat a plateful of dead, oil-covered fish! Bloody motherfucker!

    • You’d think the shareholders would boot this slimeball sonovabitch. Haytard’s not helping. He’s shown he’s not the “guy” for a crisis. Fuck.

  6. Sorry for all the swearing! It’s just all this incompetence is mind-boggling! If a regular citizen did this, they’d be behind bars. Instead, Tony Hayward is strutting around like a rooster, but showing he doesn’t know squat by saying the stupidest arrogant stuff. One time he claimed the scenario was *gutting* For as pissed-off as Gulf Coast residents are getting, I’m sure that can be arranged for the old boy!

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