Even Bloggers Get Shagged in SC
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South Carolina’s Rodell Vereen gets sex.

South Carolina’s Governor gets Pan-American sex.

Now I read even BLOGGERS in South Carolina get sex!  This is where Republican Tea Party candidate Nikki Haley comes in.  The front-runner in SC’s gubernatorial race is accused of sleeping with the founder of FITSnews, Will Folks (seen above sandwiched between Mark Sanford and Rep. Nikki Haley).  Folks announced the “inappropriate physical relationship” early this week and wrote:

Specifically, within the last forty-eight hours several pieces of information which purportedly document a prior physical relationship between myself and Rep. Haley have begun to be leaked slowly, piece by piece, to members of the mainstream media.  I am told that at least one story based upon this information will be published this week.  Watching all of this unfold, I have become convinced that the gradual release of this information is deliberately designed to advance this story in the press while simultaneously forcing either evasive answers or denials on my part or on Nikki’s part.”

So rather than wait for all this to play out, Folks spilled his guts.  Haley denies everything insisting she’s always been faithful to her husband; however, Folks says he has cell phone and email records, and it looks like he’ll be doing a gradual release of his own.


56 thoughts on “South Carolina: The Get Laid State

  1. It seems Republicans are sex machines! Who needs viagra if you got the Republican libido. Americans admire, wealth, success, and a love of life. Socialists are more voyeurs than lovers. They also complain and whine a lot, that does not attract suitors.

    • The Republican libido would appear to require the men to walk around with their penises hanging out of their trousers. Wealth and success hardly make up for that mindset, which fits little boys and drooling old men crippled by senility, and love of life doesn’t mean fucking everything that moves whether it wants to fuck or not.

      Given that you don’t seem to know what you’re talking about in regard to Republicans, your observations on socialists can be considered so far off base that we might suspect that you’re writing from a padded cell in an institution for the seriously lame, mentally speaking.

      • I’m not prepared to nix the idea of packages hanging out of trousers. It’d be like perpetual window shopping…or wait! Adornment:

        • damn.I would love to find an un edited version of that!Just to set it as a ring tone on my cell!!!Damn,Miss,that is fracking hysterical

      • It takes two to tango in sexual intercourse, unless you count Slick Willy raping an Arkansas lady. Anyhow, consenting adults don’t need moral judgements from the socialist “I’m okey with it if you’re okey with it” morality. Sounds like you are following the 10 commandments?! Socialists also condone and understand that homosexual predators that are pedophiles merely want to initiate young boys into the beauty of sexual diversity.
        Anyhow, Alexander Solzehintsyn understood how mental insitutions were used as a weapong against dissent in the workers paradise of Soviet Russia. Your dream of casting dissenters into mental prisons is coming soon with HealthCare. I got a couple of years of freedom yet.

        • Perhaps while you’re out and about waiting for a room to open up, you might consider taking a few courses in critical thinking, clear writing, and dealing in facts rather than spewing rampant, uninformed bullshit while pretending that you actually know any true thing.

          • You have an impassioned flare for rhetorical flourishes in filthy obscenities. I do like the label of rampant bullshit, but it is informed bullshit. Reading posts and blogs form the well informed reassure me that our days are numbered. It’s always darkest before it all goes to hell. I’ld continue, but granny Pelois is checking my package.

          • It’s lost on hobo. Jesus was a capitalist who believed good people are rich, and poor people exist to make rich people richer.

        • Hoboduke: Wow! Creepers! You are gross! I know how science pisses off conservatives, but children overwhelmingly face molestation episodes at the hands of heterosexual males. Lesbians are the least likely of all to molest.

          Guess what else! You’re not very bright. It’s sad. And it’s not just the spelling. You don’t know how to properly use the word socialist. And I’d venture to say your acquaintance with Gulag Archipelago comes from a very poor reading of Wiki. It was the fucking European communist party that exalted Solzhenitsyn as a world treasure and got him global recognition which is likely what kept him alive!

          If you aspire to familiarize yourself with a soul as grand as Solzhenitsyn, then read, just fucking read:

          “Gradually it was disclosed to me that the line separating good and evil passes not through states, nor between classes, nor between political parties either, but right through every human heart, and through all human hearts.”

          The writer would vomit at what you’ve written here. You personify the exact opposite of the greatest line he ever wrote. Are you embarrassed? You should be. You should be mortified that you have exposed yourself as so goddamn intellectually hollow.

          Do you see the scope of what he says? Party affiliations and ideologies and nationalities and races, religions, and sexual preferences and economic circumstances are not the place where you draw the line between good and evil. That line is on the human heart.

          My God, you piss me off.

            • Damn.Don’t hold back,Miss,I am going to write that down on a piece of paper and put it in my wallet.I need ro read that a few more hundred times.That one is tattoo-worthy.no shit.I said when I turned 40 I was either going to get a tat or pierce something…else.”I love the smell of napalm in the morning.”
              I am not wearing a hat but I pulled my pig-tails out.(don’t ask-It was to fuck with my boss who is trying to kill me with kindness-or they upped her meds-who knows.I told her I was gonna put it in one tail on top of my head…
              She likes my “going in with guns blazing”style..a little…I think.
              Can’t wait to read the other 30 something posts! 🙂

          • If you don’t already, read Ta-Nehisi Coates’ blog on The Atlantic — mainly for *how* he responds to contentless assertions. ‘Cuz life is short, and that’s just how they do. To expect otherwise is to expect a 3 month old not to cr*p themselves. Truly a high aspiration, but likely doomed to dissapoint.

            And smell up the place.

          • don’t waste your time with hobo, melissa. he only wants attention. he used to comment at the raisin, but i told everyone to ignore him, and he went away.

    • Ah, the “everybody but us is teh ghey” ad hominem canard. Just can’t beat those tried’n’true lines — for longevity, if nothing else.

  2. Can’t somebody that looks like Nikki Haley do a whole lot better than this guy? He looks like Paul Schaffer’s tubby stunt-double stand-in. If you gonna do the time, shouldn’t the crime be worth it?


  3. “He looks like Paul Schaffer’s tubby stunt-double stand-in”(classic)
    agreed.I’d nail it.But then again,if it came down to hittin’ that or good sleep….
    Sex just aint as high up on the list as it used to be.I wouldn’t kick her out of bed.

    • Show me a decent American, and I’ll show you somebody that wouldn’t get within 10 feet of Mooseburgers.

      (The commentor’s alias underscores the funniest part about this story: Palin’s curse-of-the-mummy endorsement of Haley. Like whats-his-name from Idaho that didn’t know Puerto Rico was part of the USA, who just bombed in the Idaho primary. She gave him her thumbs up, and we’ll never hear from him again.)


    something to do to pass the idle time before work.
    ’cause the vids are funny.
    ’cause that is what the sheeple want to read about.
    ’cause monogamy is where it’s at.
    ’cause my caps aint stuck.
    ’cause I’d hit it.(in a pinch)

  5. Best response to stuff like this was I think on TPM or maybe Balloon Juice: “A strong supporter of Family Values — they just never specified which family.”

    • Or maybe that’s the only part of SC’s mind left! 🙂

      (Just so ya know, I’ve been to SC and it’s beautiful!)

  6. the only way this gets better is if nikki and her boytoy had a foursome with marky mark sanford and his mistress. no wait, all four of them having an orgy with princess sarah and todd! that would be way better (especially if someone posted it at youtube).

  7. Well Melissa, you went and upset Sarah2012 with all this nookie expose’. It’s definately the heat down south that makes us all wierd (in our own way). This is just another sad example of the effects of only having sex for procreation.


    (yeah I think this is one of those times I can do that.You know,edi…Eddi…ett.
    You,know:how we do shit around here.On the interwebs.)
    Acceptable behaviour.

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