Les Phillip is a blind native of Trinidad-Tobago.  He immigrated to Alabama where he was free to practice bigotry by hating the first black President of America a lot.  He also wore fancy pants as a sailor in the U.S. Navy, but that doesn’t mean he’s gay, even though his “wife” is named Merle.

Les is the first almost white black guy to run in Alabama’s 5th Congressional District where folks have college degrees and tend to vote Democratic.   Those who don’t like Les can vote Mo.  For real.


12 thoughts on “Les Phillip is One Angry Black Man Who Likes Guns

    • Absolutely! I almost called this post, “Les Phillip is a big, fat motherfucking racist,” but the picture of him in his lil’ ol’ NRA hat just tickled me…so I had to reference that. :mrgreen:

  1. You must remember down south we have a different measure of things. Like here in Texas to determine if someone is an intellectual you ask “Boy, can ya read?”

  2. From seeing the ad, not sure what makes him a racist? Sounds like he’s just another hater re. our so-called left-wing, radical, socialist president, trying to win some white, redneck, conservative votes. Lots of luck there, I don’t think white rednecks in AL will vote for a black, even if he’s an ignorant redneck too.
    As for his “wife” Merle, I knew a woman named Merle, so I assume that part was meant in jest?
    Just wonderin’…

    • I’m just goosing the powers that be, Vicki. The cheesy way he took off his glasses like we couldn’t tell he was black before that moment…then says, “They won’t call me a racist” just naturally lends itself to saying, RACIST! (Like only white people are racist.)

      I knew an elderly lady named Mirl…but since Repubs are notoriously homophobic AND gay at the same time…. :mrgreen:

      This is the race with turncoat Parker Griffith so it should be fun to keep an eye on.

  3. Oy! Geez, I know people down South aren’t all like this, but where do all these characters come from? And it’s not just below the Mason-Dixon line cause we have some weird shit up here too! MSNBC tomorrow is going to report on A Nation Divided all day. As far as I can remember, for me the division began in the 60s with the riots, passage of the Civil Rights Act (which some people still don’t accept) and the Vietnam War protests. Back then it was a generation gap thing.

  4. Les Phillips is not a racist, he’s a front for racist. In other words he says the things racist say behind closed doors in public. In other words he puts a black face on their racism.

    • Hi, Redeye! 😀

      On the WriteChic Virtue Scale, racist enablers (Rand Paul, Sarah Palin, The Republican Party) are worth about as much as racists. But that’s not why I said he’s a bigot. I said he’s a bigot because he’s an idiot…and I figure if he ever sees this he’ll be confused…which amuses me. :mrgreen:

  5. This guy reminds me of the blind black man Dave Chappelle portrays who hates black people and even tries to join the KKK. There are good people in every state and I guess the good people of Alabama scratch their heads and say WTF?

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