Rachel Maddow sums up the problem with Republican candidate Rand Paul’s rejection of a portion of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Paul told Rachel Maddow he only opposes 1/10th of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  He believes government cannot discriminate, that would be wrong.  But private businesses should be able to.  So, if private business would rather not make their services available to the disabled or black people…that should be their right.  Even though Paul says he believes that’s wrong and he would never do that, enthusiastically he supports enabling racists to do their worst because the rights of property owners trumps the rights of individual citizens to access services.  That’s his brand of libertarianism.

Paul also just happens to believe in shrinking government entities down to mostly nothing…so those that ever have to depend on government have nothing.  Kinda like turning government into Bush’s FEMA during Katrina…but for all of America.

So, Atlas doesn’t just shrug; he eats the poor, the sick, and whoever is deemed undesirable.  Then picks his teeth with their bones.  The bones are then sold to the For-Profit Recycling Center and converted to doggy treats.


41 thoughts on “Rand Paul Shrugged

  1. Strange how business still have the right to discriminate against gays, midgets or any other minority group that isn’t spelled out in the racist Civil Rights Act.

    You are a hypocrite.

  2. Nicely put. But I doubt the Libs believe in recycling. It requires the organizational and regulatory efforts of governmental entities to keep the private sector from dumping recycled shit into the food supply or the air or the water we’re supposed to drink.

    Psychologically, Paul is interesting. He’s likely spent years in an echo chamber with these ideas. His father has a number of associations with racist and white supremacist organizations. Rand himself has probably never been seriously challenged on these libertarian and racist beliefs and now all of a sudden, flush with victory in a political race, he seemed to believe the power of his ideas would carry the same weight everywhere. The sudden intrusion of reality has unbalanced him. He doesn’t understand it, apparently thinking that he and his thoughts are somehow sacrosanct and immune to criticism. I wouldn’t be surprised if he drops out of the senatorial race. Nor would it surprise me to see him check into a mental health institution. His entire worldview and his self-image have been tossed into a meat chopper.

    Interesting also is how quickly he turned from being a so-called principled politician into a backtracking liar and hypocrite.

    And ya know, I don’t feel sorry for the little bastard, not one tiny bit.

    • “The sudden intrusion of reality has unbalanced him.”

      100% agreed. Just for the purposes of being human, this is a good experience for him. He’s forced to see the ideals he holds dear driven to their possible conclusions.

      The good people of Kentucky have to decide if this is who they want, if Rand Paul is really the Kentucky voice they want in Washington. Should he have a say in making laws for all Americans.

      Just checked the Kentucky census. TWENTY PERCENT of the population in KY over the age of 5 have a disability.

  3. Don’t you people know how hard it is to be a rich, white doctor in Kentucky? Minorities and cripples just keep having more and more babies. Before too long, rich, white doctors are going to be forced to support these freeloaders with their brown skin and twisted limbs.

    Tongue in cheek, Janie

    • If he really wants to win, he (while on the campaign trail) needs to hire a disabled person or person of color to snatch his toupee off his head. That would win him some major sympathy votes. 😀

  4. Rachel, should black restaurant owners be forced to serve white nationalists? Hmm? Say David Duke walked into a black restaurant and wanted to be served. Does the black restaurant owner have a right to say, “Mmm… no thanks, we’d rather not serve you”? Or does David Duke have a right to be served by the black restaurant owner? Yes or no, please.

    It’s interesting — to be consistent, Maddow would practically have to say that Duke has a right to the black restaurant owner’s labor, which is dangerously close to advocating something akin to slavery. Yes or no, Maddow?

    Let’s use another example: if Fred Phelps (that’s the God Hates Fags guy) walked into a gay bar and demanded to be served a drink, would Maddow support the right of the restaurant owner or bartender to refuse to serve him? Yes or no, please.

    • Yes. David Duke has the right to be served by blacks, midgets, dwarves, Hindus, whites. And he has the obligation to pay for that service, so your statement about serving him in the restaurant being akin to slavery is ridiculous.

      And Fred Phelps gets his drink if he puts his money down. But if he, or Duke, starts ranting and disturbing the place, they forfeit their right, just like anyone else.

      By your lights, the NBA, the NFL, MLB, and whoever else can refuse to hire blacks, or whoever, and can refuse to seat blacks et al in their stadiums. Those are private businesses. GM can refuse to hire non-whites, or whites if they so choose, and certainly doesn’t have to sell cars to anyone who walks in with money.

      Your arguments are bullshit, and Maddow would agree that they are. Hence, Lib sheeple. You talk the talk of the libertarian echo chamber, but you make it obvious you haven’t thought about any of it in any way that might be considered legitimate critical thinking. You are, in a word, clueless. And your remark about Ms. King’s maturity is beyond rude and so wide of the mark that it marks you as pathetic and incapable of independent thought. (I don’t have to be polite to her guests: not my blog. And she has the right to kick me off.)

  5. That Maddow interview I watched clearly declared the opening of Idiot season. AND rand thinks I should be able to bring my pistol in the resturant in case I feel like shooting the midget? Phelps going into a leather bar so he can get honked off and come out with a sign saying fags love god? And dumbest then, as now, the notion that Mr. Whiteman refuses to sell fried chicken to colored people? Going to be a long hot summer!

    • Just wait for immigration reform! An irregular Barnum and Bailey’s…the meanest show on Earth!!! 😀

  6. Sure, if I was black I’d serve David Duke. If I was gay I’d serve Fred Phelps. I guarantee though, their iced tea would be a little warm and smell different, if you catch my drift! =)

    • Ya know, drunks are a huge ol’ pain in the ass to me.

      (Sidenote: I was behind a couple of ’em in Wal-Mart last night. My hound dog nose smelled that stench of booze filtered through the human epidermis. BLECHHH. So, I started looking at their grocery items to size ’em up. Candy, candy, candy, candy, toilet paper, toothpaste, a shit ton of vodka, and aluminum foil…i guess for making hats? But I smelled ’em first. I’m a big ol’ judger of drunks.)

      That said, I have waited on drunks at my parents’ business on the beach extending every courtesy and going above and beyond in service because that’s my standard.

      Now…I can’t say I haven’t ranted a bit after the fact:



    • J,

      I’d venture to suggest that you’re missing the whole equality thing… but having been a waiter and headwaiter at one misbegotten period of my life, I understand completely. 😈

      • ohz noes! 😆

        Ya’ll are tapping into one of my fears…that some day a fast food person will blow a snot rocket on my burger or in my coke.

        • Ah, but I worked in a semi-upscale hotel dining room. Nothing so unsubtle as what the high school dropouts do in the fast food joints.

  7. It’s funny that disinter threw out the example of David Duke in a black restaurant. The restaurant where I play my open mikes in the middle of the hippy-dippy, gay-friendly, politically-progressive artist colony that is Lake Worth, FL has had David Duke visit a couple times, to see his ex’s spawn play guitar. Granted, the restaurant in question isn’t black-owned, but people like me show up, not to mention Jews, Italians, white rastas and anarchist politicians. Apart from a few mean stares (guilty as charged 🙂 ) we left him alone, though on some level a lot of us were stunned to see him there…

    I’m also glad to hear of Ron Paul’s racist connections. One of our local alternative weeklies featured a picture of Ron Paul posing with our local white supremacist kid and his ex-KKK father. Before Rand Paul’s Maddow moment, I was inclined to give Poppa Paul the benefit of the doubt, thinking maybe that he thought these guys were just another set of enthusiastic Republicans. Now I’m wondering if he isn’t on their Christmas card list (unlike me, of course :))

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