Baltimore: The biggest mother fucker in America today.  BP is a close second.


As you watch the video below, keep telling yourself: The woman’s home was paid for.   The woman’s home was paid for by her father.  The City of Baltimore prosecuted a tax lien and took a mortgage-less home because a water bill and back taxes totaling around $700 were unpaid.  That’s why the city of Baltimore is a mother fucker:

ht The HuffPost Fund

BP CEO Tony Hayward–a total rat©Π#^ mother fucker.

Tarballs are washing up in the Florida Keys.   The Feds are extending the ban on fishing in the Gulf.  Haytard told a British newspaper that the oil spill was a relatively small leak in the grander scheme of the Gulf of Mexico.  Haytard expects many “frivolous” lawsuits over the spill.  Fox News’ sliver of cool, Shep Smith dressed down Haytard:

Smith is a Mississippi native and kicked ass with his Katrina coverage in 2005.

Louisiana and Mississippi obviously have learned helplessness syndrome (battered wife mentality) because of Katrina.  Maybe Florida can muster the rage needed to humble BP.


15 thoughts on “Today in Mother Fuckers: Baltimore and BP

    • Yeah, don’t know how Shep got through the “heartless fuck” screening criteria at the Inhuman Resources Department at Fox.

  1. This is so hard, WriteChic — deciding who the bigger motherfucker is!!!


    • I went with Baltimore because I saw the pain in the lady’s face…and I think I saw her alzheimer’s dad standing on the street. If I’d seen more dead flipper video, it coulda gone the other way. 😦

  2. I’ve already used up my heartlessness outrage this week, so I won’t be watching these videos. But good on you for posting them.

    I don’t know how much more shit I can stand.

  3. well, i don’t live anywhere near baltimore, but there’s a bank atlantic just a couple of miles from here. i had a car loan there when they were atlantic bank instead of bank atlantic. i’m always getting mailers asking me to open an account there, and i’ve considered it. however, now i will call them and tell them that i will not put my money in a bank that would do that to poor people.

    and shep smith? he’s like faux news’ broken clock that’s correct twice a day. well, maybe not twice a day, but he gets it right every now and then.

    • That’s exactly what bankers understand…not getting your money. Baltimore could put a stop to it. Conservatives accuse poor people of trying to get something for nothing. That’s exactly what Baltimore is doing…except it’s worse. They’re prospering on human misery…fuckers.

  4. Baltimore is the asshole of the Mid-Atlantic and Jersey the armpit. Jersey beaches have been closed due to medical waste washing up and a high bacterial count many times. Makes me wonder how much oil will eventually get up there to make an oily bacteria soup.

    • I don’t know much about Baltimore, but that story did not do them proud. They should be ashamed of themselves.

      As for Jersey…gross. When you don’t protect your resources, you lose them. Worst thing is that everybody loses.

    • You’ll probably think this is creepy, Jerry. But that line reminds me of the first story I went out on as a news intern. It was a car accident with a fatality. The victim was a little old lady. She died with an expression of horror on her face looking in the direction of the vehicle that hit her. But even stranger were her hands clutching her little purse to her chest like it was going to protect her.

  5. Not creepy at all. She lived through the great depression and probably had the ingrained instinct from it all, if you don’t have money, you’re nothing.. I had a similar experience when I first bought my multi-band radio. While listening to police band I heard an Arlington cop who had just come up on a really bad wreck and I could hear the victims screaming in the background. Chilling.

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