Don’t let the name PETERson fool ya…dude is hung like a cocktail frank.

The horse and gun tell the story.

I know all you respectable states are jealous that you don’t get these sorts of election theatrics.

Republican candidate Dale Peterson is one pissed off white guy.  That’s why he’s yelling for a solid minute about why Alabama needs him as the Commissioner of Agriculture.

Oh, the woes that he knows:

  • Thousands of Mexicans illegals illegal Mexicans browning up Alabama’s lily pallor!
  • Folks stealing his yard signs!
  • Thousands of Mexicans illegals illegal Mexicans infiltrating Alabama schools!
  • His opponent Norman Grace got money from corporate interests before Dale could and bragged about it on Facebook!  On Facebook!!!
  • Thousands of Mexicans illegals illegal Mexicans taking driver license tests in Spanish!!!

So, vote for Dale Peterson as Commissioner of Agriculture…Or he’ll fucking shoot you!!!!

…and then go back to his day job as a gay rodeo clown.

Nice Winchester, Dale.


19 thoughts on “Dale Peterson Has a Very Tiny Penis

  1. As a Peterson my self-
    What exactly are you trying to say?
    I have only had one complaint(stop,don’t,stop,don’t,stop…do you hear the ripping sound…?)wait.that was something else.nevermind.
    I am proud to say I am hung like a hamster-A big hamster.

  2. Gross. If we were little, I’d tell Nano on you. Remember her favorite threat?

    I will smack that filthy, filthy mouth! 🙂

  3. is he trying out for a part as the stereotypical drill sergeant? is a remake of an officer and a gentleman in the works? or maybe gomer pyle? in a switch, it will be the sergeant with the southern accent in the new version.

    • I think this is from his gay rodeo clown audition tape. In fact, I’ll bet he’s running for ag commissioner as a stunt to promote the clown gig. Like when Colbert ran for President. 😀

  4. I never get to see the good stuff. On this older model wood burning ‘puter I have to throw in extra kindling just to post a comment. “Bamy politics is such a hoot. You got some guy running for US Rep. who said last week he believes every word of the bible, but didn’t say which one of the 9,962 in the Library of Congress it was. Does he believe the 14 books thrown out from the Vulgate? How about the 13 thrown out of the psuedopigripha? Melissa, would you ask him?

    • He says he believes the one you believe, Jerry. First he said, he believes the one I believe, but when I told him I was asking for you, he changed his answer. 😀

  5. They showed this ad on one of the MSNBC shows last night, and I have to wonder what’s so dangerous about Alabama agriculture that he feels the need to brandish a rifle throughout this commercial. Plus, how is military service a qualification for the post? “There’s only two things that come out of Alabama, boy, steers and queers, and I don’t see any horns on you. Oh, wait, now I do. My bad…”



      That’s my guess. I’m sure it’s a swipe at the present Ag Commish, Ron Sparks, who is a kick ass Democrat and running for governor.

  6. He has a small gun-sorry-RIFLE.He has a small rifle,too.
    This is what I like to shoot.minus the legs:

    And I do not pack my loads that heavy.I just use a really big piece of lead.And a half-ass bushnell scope.I can neuter a chipmunk at about 70-100 yards.

  7. girl, I think your comments are an insult to men with very tiny penises everywhere. Whoever they are. Not that I would know. I mean I am really just guessing that they would be insulted to be lumped in with Dale.

    • Hi, Bill! 😀

      I’ll have you know, by way of introduction, I once peeked in a PlayGirl magazine and saw Aerosmith’s Steve Tyler sporting the itty-bittiest penis in the human race. He worked it…the way Sanjaya worked the mohawk on American Idol (which I know from slumming around entertainment news occasionally.)

      I wrote a story once on how the smallest condom size should be labeled XL…and just go up from there–as praise to your sex. Why not.


  8. I like your style! A friend recommended your blog. Thanks for bringing attention to this ad, I hadn’t seen it. What a d**k!

    BTW, re. the blue dot stickers from a previous post, I see them on cars and think maybe we should all have a secret hand wave or something…

    • Hi, Vicki! Thank you so much. That someone actually recommended me…that’s an extra bit of sunshine in my day. And thanks for visiting.

      I have a blue dot, and seeing them on bumpers around town is soothing. 🙂

      I’d say blow kisses as a secret code, but I already reserve that one for people who I piss off in traffic. :mrgreen:

  9. one of my favoritest things to do in traffic when I inadvertantly piss someone off and they blow their horn at me is I smile real big and wave frantically like I just ran into a dear friend I have not seen in years.if I do not have the foresight to do that,then up goes the finger.

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