Governor Foghorn Barbour
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Breaking News!!!!! Governor Haley Barbour remains a moron.

BP and other oil companie$ are Barbour’$ political bread and butter.  He won’t $ay a word again$t them…even a$ Flipper et al. wa$h up dead on Mi$$i$$ippi $hore$.

And BP says their “tube” is now partially containing some of the oil.  But they are KNOWN LIARS.  So, who knows.  I hope it’s working.  This is a lot better than their “Junk Shot” Plan:

The method involves pumping odds and ends like plastic cubes, car tire pieces,  knotted rope, even golf balls — Titleists or whatever, BP isn’t saying — into the blowout preventer, the safety device atop the well.”

Cuz more shit needs to be pumped into the Gulf!!!

Obama broke with Rose Garden protocol to rip a new one for the evil clowns of the oil industry.

Tourism-dependent business has dried up as far away as Panama City Beach, Florida which I know because my parents are down there, and people have been canceling summer reservations since April.  Potential customers don’t believe the beach will remain unaffected.

And…Fox News’ Brit Hume pooped his pants on air Sunday when Juan Williams drives Hume’s retarded attempt at pontificating, “Where’s the oil?”,  to its conclusion:

ht Climate Brad


15 thoughts on “Slick As Shit News…

  1. The syphon tube is a 4 inch pipe. And it is attached to one of two leaks. From a 21 inch pipe. Larger of the two leaks.

    BP is tight-lipped about this too. I’m not holding my breath that this is over.

    Oil gushing into our ocean for a month should be treated like a crime.

  2. Haley is held in high regard here in Texas because we don’t have to be the bottom of the barrel of every measured catagory of dumbass. Instead we battle Alabama continually for 49th place. He can use the old phrase we used back in High School for this tourist season: “Don’t get any onya”.

    • Arizona competes for the bottom, too. Is it the warm weather? We spend more time outside maybe than in the books? 😀

    • You know. It’s funny because the French said We are all Americans now, after 911. Do you think the Fish remembers that?

      • Not one bit. They forget without French support of Lafayette and the French fleet, we could never have pulled off the revolution. And they forget the 1st amendment has to deal directly with NOT having a state church. And my favorite historical comparison : our colonial army and the viet cong-how do you win- don”t lose.

  3. Palin can go fuck herself! I wouldn’t live in a Red State or call myself to be like her for a million bucks! It was bad enough when Dover, PA only allowed teaching of Intelligent Design, but then those Stoopid Bastards got voted the hell out of the school board! So they were crawling out of the woodwork to inundate this Blue State too!

    • The half-governor fell in love with the spotlight and $$$ and hasn’t looked back. She merrily became the voice for the worst elements in the Republican party.

      (I remember that PA school board and the intelligent design debacle. That was weird. But the voters took care of business!)

  4. Why don’t they put a larger pipe in and connect rubber straws to Palin, Rush, Beck, Hannity, Barbour, Jindal, Hume, Buchanan, and a bunch more GOPers and their buddies? For as much as they kiss ass and suck a few body parts, they could do a wonderful job of sucking up some oil!

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