“Empathy leads you to many bad decisions many times.” –Glenn Beck juxtaposing Hitler’s description of his own “empathy” to Obama’s naming “empathy’ as a virtue of merit

In one paragraph, Glenn Beck tied one of the most positive words in the English language to Hitler’s genocide.  It’s Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon–except there’s just one degree, and Kevin Bacon is Hitler.  Oh!  Can I play?  Let’s see.  Mother Teresa.  Mother Teresa had a moustache.  Hitler had a moustache.  MOTHER TERESA IS HITLER!!!  –Lewis Black

Black is on!  It takes dedication and vigilance to have to sift through all of those Beck Shows and pull up those Nazi references, but you’ll see Beck made it easy for Black.


25 thoughts on “Lewis Black: The Nazis Are Everywhere!!!

    • That shot with Beck and a bazillion swastikas behind him…kills! 😆

      And Black is right. It’s hyperbole to compare the AZ law to Nazis. And hyperbole has a function…unless you’re Glenn Beck with Nazi tourettes.

        • My bad!!! Hyperbowl, hyperbowl. I never want Boner to cry. I want him to be angry. He’s much funnier then! 😀

          P.S. I’ll roughly be in your neck of the woods in a few weeks! I’m taking my daughter on a cruise to Panama and Costa Rica. Our asses will be kayaking the Panama Canal. And we’re leaving from the Ft. Lauderdale Port.

      • He really nails beck. Like, how the fuck is empathy a Nazi trait. We all know Hitler liked to draw right? He got rejected from art school and everything? Wait a second, that makes DaVinci a Nazi doesn’t it? Or does that make him an anti-Nazi? Wait a second, who were the biggest anti-Nazis of all time?!?!?! ::points maniacally to nonsenical chalkboard::

        Holy turds, Bat-shit-crazy Man!, DaVinci was a commie!!!


        If empathy is a Nazi trait what isn’t?

        • Okay, ok, okay…2 degrees of Kevin Bacon (No relation to Francis, my boyfriend)….

          I’m looking at an oak tree outside my window. Oaks are hard. Nazis were hard, therefore Oaks are Nazis.

          Do you think Beck is bitter that libs hijack empathy for the Dems? I can’t imagine him thinking anything too complex. Maybe his underwear are too tight.

          • I think he might still be a little torn up about that girl he DIDN’T kill back in 1990…

            My turn, With 2 Degrees Glenn Beck
            Some families have goose as a Chrismas treat. Nazis goose-stepped.
            Therefor Chrismas is a Nazi holiday.

            Damn! That was easy!

            My theory is that he hasn’t figured out that tampons are one of those “ladies only” type of thing. Think about it. 25 years into such a, er, “stuffy” practice kind of explains why he’d be so damn psychotically weepy (inside and out).

            • GASP!!! He hasn’t proved he did not kill the girl yet, right? Anne Frank was a girl. Nazis sent her to a concentration camp. Therefore, Glenn Beck is a Nazi. I knew it.

              Psychotically weepy is right. A man’s biochemistry isn’t designed for so much bawling. Maybe he should try plugging his ducts.

  1. That rant was a classic! The spazBeck perception of history would make sense if you were a mental patient in for severe paranoia. Does it escape him that the Chancellors favorite time of the day was tea time with assorted confectionary…it’s so obvious..Little Debbie is Hitler!

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  3. Hey WriteChic,

    I live in Palm Beach County, and I’m about 35-40 mins. north of Fort Lauderdale, in case you wanna do a WriteChic meet-up while you’re in town (hell, The Cookie is in Palm Beach too; she might up for something where alcohol and liberals are involved :)) Plus, I was just in the paper for keeping Lake Worth safe from white supremacists, so I could tell you guys about it in person:


    I don’t think I’ll be on the Black family’s Christmas mailing list this year 🙂


    • TW! You’re all famous and shit! 🙂

      Those Blacks. They so don’t know what they’re missing.

      A tete-a-tete-a-tete-tete would rule. I’ll email all-a-yall at once. 😀

  4. Infamous would be more like it. I prefaced my song by telling an anecdote about how the researchers for the Human Genome project called a press conference early on in the project to announce that of the 3 billion genes that make up human DNA, the number that determine things like skin colour, eye colour and hair texture number less than a dozen. This prompted the kid’s mom (i.e. the ex-Mrs. Duke) to walk out into the parking lot and remain there for the duration of my song…

    Then after the song, I made a point of describing myself as a non-white immigrant as I urged the audience to not let anyone turn back the clock on race relations. So now there’s a recurring character in this kid’s radio show called Sheldon the Non-White Immigrant who’s from Jamocha and only wants to smoke ganja and kill white people. ‘Cause, you know, that’s just how we non-white immigrants roll. No wonder they’re afraid of us in Arizona 🙂

    p.s. Looking forward to a Liberal Libation Hour when you’re in Fort Lauderdale…

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