…with their ginormous man boobs.  Ewwww.

Don’t you Democrats read the news!?  If you want to draw Republicans away from Rob Portman, you need to show young, hunky, male escort types!

Now the hardhats at Portman Took the Shirt off my Back (dot) com work but the screenshot of some shirtless Average Joe looking unemployed…not so much.


6 thoughts on “Ohio Dems Tempt State GOP Voters

  1. Maybe next time you could get Sahar Khazaian to take her shirt off instead of these guys… please? No more man boobs…please?

    And isn’t that ad sexist? The blonde broad didn’t take her shirt off, but she’s making the same complaint. Someone ought to file a discrimination suit.

    • 😆 Saw that. But a naked chick isn’t going to score Republican votes unless she’s lesbian and dressed in bondage clothes! 😆

  2. MOOOOOBS!!!

    But Ric may have a point — Sahar could probably show him a thing about channeling his (deeply) inner ‘Fabulous’ 😉

  3. i thought it was a pretty good ad. it’s memorable, even if only for the moobs. if they had used good-looking guys built like someone george alan rekers would want to hire to carry his baggage, it wouldn’t have the same effect. when we see people who are gorgeous falling on hard times, we’re glad. we only want to see slobs like us complaining about how difficult times are.

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