Claudia Wright and the stunning family resemblance

It’s always fun to write about Utah!

Utah’s Second District done found themselves a real Democrat to take on blue dog Congressman Jim Matheson.  Claudia Wright is Brigham Young’s great-great granddaughter and a progressive who happens to be a lesbian.  As many Republicans find they cannot stomach the fringe elements gaining power in the party, even conservatives may view Wright as a viable alternative if she can kennel the blue dog incumbent.  Howie Klein takes weird by the tail at the Huffington Post.

Kagan rhymes with Reagan.

And speaking of weird…

Big ol’ congratulations to Nathan Lane on that nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court.  President Obama announced his choice Monday morning.

Democrats are confident the nominee will be confirmed by the end of the summer since a GOP filibuster is unlikely.

Republicans LOVE her.


23 thoughts on “Wright for Utah…and some other stuff

    • Before I read a thing about Ms. Kagan a few weeks ago, I thought: Nathan Lane!

      Now, someone in makeup got a hold of her yesterday.

      I’ve got mixed feelings about her. I think the administration wants someone who’ll be nominated with relative ease. That way with financial and immigration reform coming up, the unsavory of elements of the GOP will be on the minds of voters come election time.

  1. I still think they should put Harriet Myers in.
    (lights fuse-runs away cackling like an insane person..”.SLIGHTLY insane” person)

    one of my fav. songs

    (not as disturbing as born free)

      • Not really. Ethically she was bound to make the case her client directed her to make. The Executive is her boss. And from what I understand there is law and precedent to support the case she made. I think it’s wrong, but there seems to be little about the whole matter that is right.

        The real crime is the Bush family’s relationship with the Saudis. George, George, and Bush et al didn’t want to hurt their lucrative dealings with the Saudis, and thus did not pursue any inquiry or action against them.

        • I stand by my “weird.” You don’t think it would be weird to look victims of terror in the eye and thwart their efforts at justice?

          • I stand by my ‘wrong’ and call your ‘weird’. In fact, I’ll raise your ‘weird’ with an ‘immoral’.

            But legally? Kagan argued the case, but the judge(s) made the decision. Who then is responsible for denying justice?

            I’m not trying to defend Kagan, or attack her. She’s the government’s lawyer. What is obvious is that the government, whether run by Bush or by Obama or probably any other president, would not want the Saudis held accountable for any number of reasons, not the least of which is that the American government has so badly fucked up the Middle East and relations with Islamic governments that it can’t afford to alienate any that are to some degree or other friendly, especially if they are as oily as the Saudis. So the legal case is, by those lights, logical.

            The families may want blood justice, and may be entitled to it if they can prove the case, but they won’t get there through the doors of American government. The Saudi royal family and friends are protected by American government. The 9/11 families might stand a better chance in European courts or the international court there.

            • In regular people terms, “calling it your job, ol’ hoss, sure don’t make it right.” I’m not attacking legally or defending either. And I don’t even think the pick was purely cynical on Obama’s part.

              But I remain unnerved that she looks like Nathan Lane.

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