Arghhhh.  Countdown to Alexa graduating from college!  I’m posting my Sam and Tristan painting now.  Then tonight I’ll get Alexa up.  Presently she has half a nose.

I’ve made additions and subtractions in the one you see here.  I think the colors are much improved.  And Sam and Tristan were both happy to see Edgar Allan Poe make an appearance in the bottom corner.


20 thoughts on “Canvas In Progress

  1. half a nose? think how much you’ll save on kleenex. love the addition of eap in the corner, especially with the raven on his head. he was my first literary crush. i fell in love with him in elementary school.

  2. i almost forgot, happy mother’s day, ya skank. love ya! 😀

    p.s. we should be ashamed of this conversation, especially in a post about your darling children, ho.

  3. of course nobody is commenting, we’re all scared and waiting for the next….well, I was waiting for skank (Nonnie wins) and Mellissa, be considerate and make that a kosher meatlocker (never heard that one before). Now I forgot the topic. Just wanted to say how much Edgar Allen hated his adoption name Poe and how much more appealing your artwork is when it doesn’t show boybutt. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no prude but girlbutt is nicer, to me anyway.

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