Juliet: I’m a grown woman.

Sassy, Gay Friend: I think you’re 14, and you’re an idiot.  You took a rufie from a priest.  Look at your life.  Look at your choices.  Have you even slept with this guy?

Keeping it light as I’m in the throes of planning for my daughter’s graduation.   And I love this gay guy.


11 thoughts on “Sassy, Gay Friend Does Shakespeare

    • Women need a friend like him!

      What’s also funny is that my daughter’s sassy, gay friend ran over to me last night while I was finishing some editing, “Missy-Mom! Missy-Mom! You’ve got to see this. You’re gonna love this.” And thus I was introduced to the youtube video. 🙂

  1. These are just great. I love that Shakespeare continues to be translated to our present-day lives. His work always bring me great inspiration for my illustrations.

    • Hi, Studio! Just perused your site. Nice work!

      I think some aspects of Shakespeare inspire art types whether they’re realizing it or not. The structures of Jane Austen’s are all Shakespeare. The juxtaposing of villains, heroes, and buffoons in great films often reminds me of him. And just the phrases we toss around in every day, ordinary conversation…”What a piece of work!”, “It’s Greek to me!”, “Something’s rotten in Denmark!”, “laughing stock,” “dead as a doornail”, and “truth will out.”

      He lives! 🙂

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