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Fox News’ version of the Three Stooges, a show they call “Fox & Friends” invited their intellectual superior Glenn Beck to comment on mirandizing terror suspects who are U.S. Citizens.  Fox analyst Judge Napolitano spoke first indicating the U.S. Constitution must be upheld…though folks may not like that.

“How’s your blood pressure on that?” asks Steve Douchy attempting to bait Beck .  Beck responds:

Beck: I’m actually good.  He’s a citizen of the United States.  So, I say we uphold the laws and the Constitution on citizens.

Kilmeade:  Yo, heeza tret to duh cuntry, das difrent.

Beck: So are a lot of citizens of the country.  If you’re a citizen, you follow the law and obey the Constitution.   He has all of the rights under the Constitution.

Kilmeade:  Howz ’bout he tryda blow up a city block in duh las 48 owwas?

Beck: We don’t shred the Constitution when it’s popular.  We do the right thing.

Kilmeade:  Iffy azz infuhmayshun that cud wipe out sum a use frenz and family, you doe wan dat?

Beck: Again, it’s not a popular answer, but I don’t think we shred the Constitution…”

(Glenn Beck sounds like the grown-up!)

Failure to mirandize can result in cases being thrown out, but Senator John McCain (R-AZ) and Rep. Peter King took it upon themselves to politicize Faisal Shahzad’s arrest.


11 thoughts on “What the Beck?

  1. i’ll be just like dana perino for a moment…oooh! i feel so stupid!!!…and throw out a conspiracy theory here. i think that entire thing was set up. the 3 stooges knew what glenn blechhh was going to say. faux news has been bleeding advertisers because of blechhh, and they had to rehabilitate him a little bit. now they can say, look how reasonable glenn blechhh is! he agreed with obama’s justice dept on how they treated a terrorist! i wasn’t watching closely enough–is it possible andrew napolitano had his hand up blechhh’s ass and was making his lips move while he spoke for him?

    • I believe your line of raisining, er, reasoning could explain a lot. Yesterday this fool is ready to do in Teddy Bears with a chainsaw, right after he gets through garroting Woodrow Wilson….and then..all sweetness and reason? (not raisin at all) But I must take issue with your stooge assesment. As a dedicated Jerome-ist I must insist, by orthodox semantics, that all hardcore wingers are Moes.

      • Jerry! I started to use Beck’s weird ass Mother’s Day rant from yesterday…as evidence that his moment of coherency was just an episode, but Brian Kilmeade was so completely retarded that I had to poke fun at him instead.

      • jerry, my line of raisining (i love that, by the way 😀 ) goes like this: if glenn blechhh says anything intelligent, there’s something suspicious afoot.

        • Maybe he started taking special medicine? Maybe pigs started flying? Maybe hell froze over? Lindsay Lohan joined a convent? Something must be afoot.

          It was weird listening to. I’ve said similiarly many times. You don’t stop obeying the Constitution because it’s hard or because you’re scared.

    • Eww, Nonnie. Butt puppet. Conspiracy or not, this is some staging! The morning hosts come off as so fantastically stupid that Beck (and we know his parade of assquackery) comes off as the reasonable one. I think I’ve heard Beck same something lucid maybe twice in the last year.
      This was kind of like being in the freak exhibition at a carnival.

      • i can’t believe that anyone would want to wake up and watch those 3 imbeciles. they aren’t funny, they aren’t intelligent, and they aren’t entertaining. they’re just incredibly obnoxious and stupid.

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