Photo: Scott Threlkeld, New Orleans Times-Picayune

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has an Emergency Response page with evening updates on the oil spill and trajectory maps.

Check out updates by official first responders.

Oiled Wildlife Care Network is advising Louisiana on the oil slick’s landfall and its deadly impact.  They’ve set up staging sites for sea turtles.

To report oiled wildlife affected by the Gulf oil spill please call the Wildlife reporting hotline at 1-866-557-1401.

Sign up to volunteer in Mobile, Alabama by clicking here.

To report oil on land, or for general Community and Volunteer Information, please phone 866-448-5816.

To discuss spill related damage claims, please phone 800-440-0858.

BP is hiring fishermen to assist in cleaning up the oil spill.  BP is looking to contract shrimp boats, oyster boats and other vessels for hire to deploy boom in the Gulf of Mexico.   The program is called Vessels of Opportunity.   Fishermen should phone 281-366-5511.

NOLA (dot) Com has put together a timeline of the event beginning with the platform explosion.

Oxfam is accepting donations to assist vulnerable communities:

By Phone
To charge your donation to your Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover card, call 800-77-OXFAM.

Fax your contribution form, including your credit card information and donation amount, to 617-728-2562.

By Mail
Mail your check, payable to “Oxfam America,” to:

Oxfam America
Gulf Coast Oil Spill Response Fund
P.O. Box 1211
Albert Lea, MN 56007-1211

Oil Spill Volunteers explains a lot about what you have to know before you can help.

Global Green is accepting donations and organizing volunteers.

The National Wildlife Federation makes restoration of Louisiana’s wetlands their priority. They also have some ideas beyond volunteering and donations.


102 thoughts on “Gulf of Mexico Oil Disaster

    • If it keeps gushing oil out, I’d predict it hitting at least by next weekend just judging from the trajectory maps, but the way the Gulf Stream moves, your neck of the coast could be in trouble, too. 😦

    • One of the staging sites for sea turtle rescues is in Panama City Beach.

      I think people are posting every dead critter they find right now. I’ve seen dead turtle pics, but it doesn’t look like oil caused it. Saw a dead squid, dead bird, dead drum fish…none of it looked like oil did it. Louisiana is cleaning up a few birds, but the Mississippi River Delta is a conservation area. And the slick is like 9 miles off shore. 😦

      • 20 dead sea turtles reported this morning. I checked NOAA’s Fisheries section and all species of sea turtles in America are on the endangered species list.

      • scary shit. it’s like a slow-moving horror movie. the devastation of marine life and the economy is bad enough. what will happen if it gets into the water supplies?

        • Tap water from New Orleans to Panama City Beach has been nasty since I was kid. Suitable for bathing, and that’s it. God I hope they contain this.

          I give tentative props to BP for hiring fisherman to help. It’s exactly the right thing to do.

          • While it may be the right thing to do, I have to consult the cheery, optimistic, Pollyanna part of my to get a sense of what might really be up, motivewise. Yeah, okay, got it… cynical PR move.

            Can’t help it. It’s in my DNA. See —> 😈

            • I saw photos and faces of actual fisherman lining up to do the work. With fishing now being banned, it’s a relief that these men will have work.

              And doing the right thing ought not be something we applaud people for, it should be expected. But that’s not the world we live in.

            • No question it’s good they have the work and the income. BUt let’s see how fast BP runs away after the guaranteed half-assed cleanup job they’ll try to get away with, leaving those fishermen with no livelihood.

              I’ll save my applause when a lot of people go to prison for this. (Yeah, like that’ll happen.)

              • I hafta wonder now if the contract states BP will never be liable for the business fishermen lose, if BP hires them. 😦

                • Thank you, Ricardo, for your comment. It’s maddening to see BP try to pull a fast one on those among the first (fisherman) to feel the effects of the oil spill. (and that story broke today)

                  BP’s failure to take preventative measures is catastrophic. But the focus right now must be contain the spill and be ready to clean up.

                  Thanks again. 🙂

              • Well guys, I would say that this is very sad and BP and WORLD with tight hands need to help solve this problem ASAP, otherwise all of us will suffer the consequences.

                Best regards,

  1. It’s Ixtoc 1 all over again. That took FOREVER to bring under control. I’ve been all along that gulf highway on a long ago MC trip. It’s really nice down there. And my trip out to Fort Morgan is one of the coolest places I’ve ever been Too bad that what the hurricane couldn’t totally ruin is being fouled by the largest oil co. on earth not wanting to install a $500,000 shut off valve.

    • As much as BP will end up having to pay out, they’ll probably make a killing on rising oil prices. Fuckers. And fuckers too for the negligence in failing to install the shut off valves.

      • It wasn’t negligence. It was deliberate. They’ve been fighting regulation for years. Other countries insist on top notch safety features. In America BP spends a few million on Congressmen and Senators, cozies up to some regulators, and voila — massive Gulf oil spill. And they lied through their teeth in their application for this well.

        ‘Fuckers’ is way too polite for these people.

        • Agreed. Though as I wrote, I likened it to a parent failing to strap a tot into a carseat. I wouldn’t say the parent killed his kid if an accident happened. However, a wealthy parent fighting carseats to save $45 is a little different.

    • Karma might dictate the oily muck be carried up Graham’s way via the Gulf Stream. Let that moron’s words come back and bite him. But I wouldn’t wish that on anyone or anything. South Carolina beaches are just as beautiful and rich with life as the Florida panhandle.

      It’d be nice if the cocksuckers like Graham JUST BE FUCKING AMERICANS FOR ONCE instead of just conservative or liberal or independents.

      If the coast dies, if 90% of those businesses die as one projection says, everyone in America will be affected.

  2. Didja notice how Cape Cod sticks out into the Atlantic?

    And where the main Atlantic fisheries are?

    I think I can come up with a car design that I’d love to shove up Lindsey’s ass.

    • I went on a whale watching tour a few years ago in Boston. I’ve thought about your part of the coast, too. I guess we are stuck in a wait-and-see pattern. BP has proposed capping the leak within a few days via some monster size dome. Hopefully they know what they are doing.

      • And you didn’t call? Jeez, I’d have baked cookies. 🙂

        From what I’ve read about the dome solution, I wouldn’t count on it taking only a few days, or even working at all. These guys are improvising like mad because they never had a plan for a blowout.

          • Here’s some more ugh… It probably took BP all of half an hour to get assets moving to work on the problem. That’s the easy part. Send the best engineers, the best mechanics, and so on.

            But you can bet your sweet ass that ninety percent of the rest of the time since the blowup has been spent with lawyers and public relations people figuring out how to spin the disaster and how to get out of paying the freight.

            Miserable pieces of shit wearing suits.

    • Makes me feel like I’m helping. 😦

      It’s small, but it’s something. The post had like 25 hits within 5 minutes of publishing.

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    • Might want to fix ‘Octorber’ (twice) and ‘Dezember’. That’d be enough to get you tossed into the reject pile of resumes in the U.S.

      Also, in the profile paragraph, it should be ‘highly trained’, not ‘high trained’. And say ‘oriented’, not ‘orientated’.

      Under U.K. employment, correct ‘spervisor’ to ‘supervisor’.

      I’m not being nitpicky. I used to do this for a living, on both ends. Simple errors like these will get you tossed immediately.

      Good luck.

        • It’s not your resume. Ricardo has to do the work. All you have to do is marvel at my incredible powers of observation and my profound wisdom. Not to mention my charm, good looks, and vast wealth…. okay, scratch the charm and wealth. But I still look human.

          Ummm, unless you mean editing the comment as posted here. Sorry. Didn’t think of that. I was caught up in the wisdom and charm etcetera stuff. And I haven’t had coffee yet, yeah, there’s my excuse. No coffee, no brain. 😦

      • Good Morning Ric,

        Hope you well, I do appreciate your observations, it has been corrected on the CV.
        Thanks a lot.

        All the best.


  4. How about we send Rush Limpballs and Mikey *heckuva job* Brownie (Points) down to be stuffed in the leak holes. Two assholes who talk out their asses who are playing GOP: Greedy Obnoxious Party games by blaming Obama for a fucking mess the Billionaires and GOP blew a wad over when they began offshore drilling. Now they say Obama sabotaged this rig to prevent more drilling. You know, I don’t care anymore, let the GOP become the Graveyard Occupiers Party. That’s what they want for the Dems and those *damn liburuls*.

      • Actually Brownie didn’t sound so crazy when you hear the whole segment. He was out of line, but less crazy than he’s been made out to be.

        Yeah, I know, whassamatta me, am I on drugs…

  5. If the Rethuglicans were so much for offshore drilling, why didn’t THEY make sure they had safeguards and a plan of action in case something happened. Offshore drilling did not first begin 1/21/09. Why didn’t BP have a plan in effect in case something happened? What about Guv Jindal? He’s been the governor of the state longer. No! The fucking Rethugs want states rights until a disaster, then it’s “Where is the FEDERAL government?”. A goddamn oil well leak is man-made, not a natural disaster like Katrina so let the fuckers who get rich from drilling come up with the plan to save their asses!

    • Southern states become quite American when they’re begging for federal handouts, don’t they?

      Man, if you want to watch a regional temper tantrum, that’s the thing to say…pull yourselves up by your little states’ rights bootstraps, red states.

      Now I’m having sweet visions of Southern Coast governors calling up their national guards to take over BP, and hell all oil companies, for the purposes of getting the problem solved now!

      Won’t happen. But what a fantastic twist of thought.

  6. No, the Rethugs are too busy fondling their blood money to care that THEIR mess is going to destroy wildlife and screw up beaches and tourism and the coastal fishing industry. Why didn’t they use some of THAT money to get the leak stopped? No, drill baby drill. Drill a hole in Palin’s head-oh, wait! She already had a lobotomy! I swear, with the Rethugs, Obama can’t scratch his ass withou a Rethug saying he’s doing it wrong!

    • Did you ever watch a Rethug scratch his ass? (Check the C-SPAN tapes…) They can’t even get it right. Ass scratching is an art, requiring skill, intelligence, and a talent for stealthy subterfuge.

      Now nose-picking, hell, even the Reboogerlicans get that right. Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, every time they get up to make their public anti-Obama, anti-Democrat news bytes, they look like they just got caught picking their nose.

  7. Noticed on tonights new that they tar globs are starting to wash up on your beaches. From the look of those things, they’d be great for filling pot holes on asphalt roads. Of course if BP found anyone using their flotsam, the bill would be in the mail.

  8. The cool fronts and currents have kept the oil west of the Florida panhandle, but the tourist have been frightened away. Business is horrible. 😦

    • It won’t be long before some enterprising artistic type starts selling tarball sculptures to put food on the table.

      Then a scientist type will discover a way to turn tarballs into food, thus putting the sculptor out of business.

      And of course all the dead fish and sea life can be scooped up and trucked to giant corporate farms upstream where they can be used as fertilizer and pig food, creating more runoff to poison the Mississippi and the Gulf. The upside is that it won’t kill anything in the Gulf, since the oil spill will have already killed everything.

      BP will soon be selling this line of thought in its commercials touting the good side of the oil spill.

      • And don’t you believe for a second that their marketing department isn’t spending long sleepless nights looking to create some posi-spin for this whole planetfuck they’ve created.

  9. Did you all see the testimony before Congress by Tweedledum, Tweedledummer and Tweedledummest (BP’s man)? What a bunch of wankers and not a shred of maturity to take a miniscule part of responsibility! Greedy jackasses! May their bloody oil money prove to be their downfall!

  10. Yup, jackasses-as in donkeys are smart and stubborn. Jackasses-as in these 3 greedy f**kers are immoral, uncaring, obnoxious bastards. Want more adjectives for these 3 dickheads? I got em!

  11. This thing reminds me of the video I saw where the townspeople christened a huge papier-mache sculpture in their town square with a closed bottle of champagne and the entire sculpture collapsed and overturned. Nobody happened to consider what would happen if a high wind or light object hit it. Not an environmental disaster, but you get my drift. It’s a big ‘DUH’!

    • They went out of their way not to spend money on a worse-case scenario. Hubris probably told them they could handle it, or let the good ol’ forgiving U.S. of A. handle it.

  12. Since I last commented, I’ve read that A. The North Koreans may have bombed the rig due to South Korea having some involvement in the rig and that’s why Obama sent SWAT teams to the rigs to protect them. B. The International Banking Cartel sabotaged the rig in order to destroy the Gulf. C. This is linked to the South Korean sinking by North Korea and the Venezuelan natural gas rig that exploded. What a screwed-up mess!

    • I read about North Korea submarine sinking a South Korean patrol boat which..insane. 46 sailors killed. Do you have a link about the rig stories? I’m not finding anything.

  13. And I read that shithead Obama has been the one who BP has donated the most money to in the last 20 years. So he broke that promise that he was only taking small contributions and none from lobbyists or PACs as some of this was in. Some was from BP employees in the tune of over $600,000. And I’d like to know what the asshole got from insurance companies when he did a Reagan and forgot he promised Single Payer Healthcare and not Insurance Company Ass Kissing!

  14. Hi! I have some links and will look for more. The ones involving North Korea are from reports by the Russian Northern Fleet, so read into it what you will. That story was on a blog from WRAL.com serving Raleigh/Durham/Fayetteville, NC. Title is Gulf Oil Rig Torpedoed and the link is http://www.wral.com/golo/blogpost/7523004 Supposedly the rig had a South Korean link. Also that natural gas rig of Venezuela’s that sank with all surviving and no ecological damage was rumored to have been sank to keep the Dutch from benefiting from it. Hence why I said a screwed up mess because so many theories are being made.

  15. The story that got me was on POLITICO.com. It was by Erika Lovley from 5/5/10 and titled Obama Biggest Recipient of BP Cash. The link is http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0510/36783.html In the story, Lovley said that during his Senate and prez. campaign days, Obama was given a total of $77,051 from BP and was the top recipient of PAC and individual money from them over the past 20 years, according to their financial disclosure records.

  16. Yay! I made 100! I will check on the individual amount received by Obama that I mentioned last night of over $600,000 because Ms. Lovley said that was to all candidates. Still, for someone claiming he took zilch PAC or lobby money, over $77,000 is alot of carrots, Doc!

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