Time for warm fuzzies!  I wish I could hug every person in this video. 🙂

Sixteen operations in three days at a Chicago hospital save a total of 8 lives.   A recovering patient talked to reporter Roseanne Tellez about participating in one of the largest transplant chains ever in the nation.

Go docs!  Go those who donated!

Tellez has more details here.

I hope yall got your nice on today.


2 thoughts on “Pay It Forward Kidney Transplants

  1. awww, that made my little grinch heart grow 3 sizes.

    did you read the story that was automatically linked to? this one. makes me wonder how many of the people in the story in the video will have to contend with insurance companies telling them that they will no longer cover the anti-rejection drugs. when you’re on dialysis, you’re automatically covered under medicare. if you have a transplant, you’re at the mercy of the insurance companies.

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