Holy hot sacks of excrement!

Have you reproduced a pure white baby today?  That’s what it’ll take for you to be viewed as awesome to the people behind Arizona’s New Hate law.  Arizona Senator Russell Pearce introduced the bill.  He is infamous for circulating a white supremacy letter to his supporters.  He was bitching about the media and their love of:

…a world where every voice proclaims the equality of the races, the inerrant nature of the ‘Jewish’ Holocaust tale, the wickedness of attempting to halt the flood of non-white aliens pouring across our borders.”

Nice guy!  Not.

Rachel has a couple of pictures of Pearce being chummy with white power types.

But even more heinous than butt kissing your white power constituents…

(cuz at least that’s out in the open for everyone to see)

…is the Federation for American for Immigration Reform (FAIR).  Sounds innocuous, right?

To govern is to populate…will the present majority peaceably hand over its political power to a group that is simply more fertile…as whites see their power and control over their lives declining, will they simply go quietly in the night?  Or will their be an explosion.”  John Tanton, FAIR’s founder

FAIR takes credit for writing Arizona’s new law.

ht Grumpy Lion


20 thoughts on “Government Of, For, and By The Arizona White People

  1. I got into a spririted debate with a tea bagger at the carwash who noticed my Obama bumper sticker. “Don’t tell me you voted for that guy?” He said loud enough to get the attention of everyone within 30 feet of us. He claimed that Obama was only out for the “colored people and the mexicans” I wish I would’ve had a camera to take a picture of his face when I pointed out that Cedric of Cedric’s Carwash is one of them colored folkes and I’d be willing to bet that the Hispanic dude that did such a nice job drying his car and cleaning the windows hadn’t arrived in America via his mothers birth canal. His only recourse was to not tip the kid. Feeling totally responsible for that, I gave the kid a $10 tip and a Jack- In The Box meal card with about $7 dollars and change left available on it. Does that make me a Coyote? I hope so.

  2. Holocaust TALE? What a dirty, Hitler-ian comment? I take it this idiot has a small pecker and the only way he has a hard-on is when he’s intimidating everyone not like him. What an ignorant bunch of bastards! I never thought back in the 70s that when we got to the Millenium that the US was still going to be full of stupid, bigoted, xenophobic, religious-hypocritical assholes!

    • While other provisions are worse in terms of racism and violation of civil rights, that one is just plain stupid. Deliberately leaving local governments open to what are essentially frivolous and harassing lawsuits–in this economic cluimate? What were they thinking?

      • I think they’re thinking to make themselves rich via lawsuits if their police state isn’t police-y enough. 😦

        • The people who wrote the law, sure. The legislators, though, must really hate government and immigrants or not have thought about the consequences to have allowed that in there.

  3. Maybe the guy from Aryanzona needs to google Operation Reinhard and read up on groups he could emulate like the SD. A U.S. Army interogator said after the war: “I’ve heard every excuse you can think of but they never claimed they didn’t do it”.

    • Ever see that flick called Conspiracy with Kenneth Branaugh and Colin Firth? Riveting. The setting is pretty static, a single room, but the evil is all over the place.

  4. Well… you already know my position on this. I’ve been trying to warn the GOP for the longest now and they just insist on jumping off the cliff in hopes they will gain the kingdoms of the world. They just don’t realize that hate and racism is a trick designed to steal your intelligence and consideration for reality and others. It seems that the Republican Party and it’s subsidiaries are falling for it.

  5. One of the most horrid things I have had the displeasure of viewing (twice actually…
    today…and three times I will watch it again after I post this (I really dig this if you like this kind of music… and I happen to enjoy every second of the nine minutes and five seconds of the music…”Ladies and gentlemen,but,I digress.”

  6. Oh yeah…I can’t wait till this hits Limewire!!
    (yeahyeahyeah-Viruses…I run Linux so it works for me.)

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