Can I tell you how awesome it is to write about something that is virtuous and decent!  OMG.

A friend of mine suggested I write a bit about Pay It Forward Day, and I was all, “Right on.”  That was before he got a whole damn town to step up!

Whereas Perrysburg Kicks Ass!

And props to Mayor Nelson Evans for seizing on a good idea!

Pay It Forward Day is April 29th, 2010.  Yes, the idea comes from the book and film about the boy who tries to make the world a better place by inspiring acts of kindness.

Grumpy, this is so up your alley. 😀

To participate, you only need to do a good deed for someone in need then ask them to repay the kindness to someone else.  The hope is your kindness starts a momentum of charitable acts.

For more background visit http://www.payitforwardday.com or join the group on facebook.


14 thoughts on “Pay It Forward Day

    • Yes, you do. You could use his movies on a Republican…there’s a gold mine to harv….look at me, being a turd. 😀

  1. I try to do a good deed every day.Even if it means not stomping someone in the ground that desperately needs it.A kind word,a better way to do something,or just listening to someone rant and rave about whoknowswhat.One day maybe my karma will balance out.

  2. My alley is not filled with nicenesses and kindnesses. I’m a snarler. The world needs snarlers. I fill an important role, a niche snarler, as it were.

    Someone must have drugged your cereal this morning. Next thing you know you’ll be asking me to say something nice about fundogelicals or Republicans. Get a grip, woman, get a grip!!

  3. I saw my cat move like that but the “roar” was a little quieter and the lion did not hack up a hairball or grassball or a hairball with grass in it.I was so proud of her I took a picture of it and emailed it to some folks.I bet that lion could hack up a hairball the size of my head!
    Maybe we will make a difference.

  4. at first I thought it may have been a fake but that was cute.
    No.The hairball trick is all she does.Except for the thing where she talks to me.

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