"We have to trust law enforcement." --Governor Jan Brewer (R-AZ)

Republicans cannot help but remind people who aren’t white, “WE HATE YOU!!!”

It’s a thing.


22 thoughts on “Wear White in Arizona

    • The first time I saw that sign (minus Yosemite) was in California and it tripped me out! I read it as human crossing…like the deer and cattle signs in various parts of the nation. I had no clue at all the family on the run was supposed to Mexican nationals.

  1. What’s Republican for ‘Juden raus’? Pretty soon we’ll be hearing the new cry of the old West: ‘Spic raus!’ Same shit, different continent.

    • I know, I know! To prevent racial profiling, Arizona’s next move can be to issue stars (like the one on their flag) to the REAL Americans who are concerned they might be profiled. It’ll be for their own protection of course. 😯

  2. I’m really pissed. Greatest nation in the world? My ass. This bullshit is the best we can come up with? We really do send the stupidest sonsofbitches to our legislatures.

      • which english is he referring to? will we have language police as well as clothing police? y’all is not a real word. can we throw southerners who use it in jail? how about idiocies like you betcha? when some shit-for-brains starts spouting nonsense like that, can we send her to the pokey? for that matter, how about nucular? if someone ran around screaming that there was a nucular attack coming, we wouldn’t know what the hell s/he was talking about, so none of us would seek shelter. those people are putting us all in jeopardy. i think it’s time to start building internment camps.

    • I’m Tim James. I’m fucking my housekeeper and it makes sense. (pause to check cue card held by Gary Coleman) Does it to you?

  3. Next time the Profitess graces AZ with a visit someone needs to tell the cops a Canadian leather freak on speed has been seen hanging around up to no good. She better have those papers.

      • Let’s get those concentration camps a-building, dammit! And all them Mexes better start wearing the chili pepper logo on their clothes. Sieg! Sieg! Sieg! We vill conquer der alien hordes, ve vill remove der brown mud volk from our Homeland! Sieg! Sieg! Sieg!

        • No, it’s not. I hope every person treated the way Abdon was takes it to the press and an attorney. I want all these injustices brought to light to showcase Arizona’s shame.

          Abdon and his wife are my heroes today. I just wanna hug em both. Shame, shame, shame on, Arizona. 😦

  4. Looks like Arizona is about to strip South Carolina of its Craziest Republican State title 🙂 I have a friend of the non-crazy Republican type who moved to AZ after graduation. Shortly after she got there, the state legislature passed a resolution declaring America to be a “Christian nation”. After all, my friend would describe herself as a Republican but not a “Christian Nation” Republican 🙂


    • Utah tries so hard for that title. And they covet the “Christian Nation” brand….but the so. baps. won’t let ’em have it. 🙂

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