Younus is a girl's name.
Younus would be Cartman

I reckon Younus Abdullah Muhammad is so goddamn mean cuz his parents gave him a pussy name.

I didn’t think I’d see a bigger douchebag this week than ALIPAC President William Gheen, but I was wrong.  Younus stepped up and took the cake.

…And obviously ate it with several sides of pork rinds and forty ounces of Natty Lite.

Younus made headlines this week when he frenzied up fundamentalist crazies on his website, Revolution Muslim, which isn’t getting a link because, well, fuck ’em.

Ha, ha, ha.  Trey Parker and Matt Stone made Younus say “Bear Suit” on his homo site!

Younus’ readers brought the scary to Comedy Central this week via death threats aimed at the creators of South Park. Revolution Muslim said, “We have to warn Matt and Trey that what they are doing is stupid, and they will probably wind up like Theo Van Gogh” who was savagely murdered by people who are skull-fucked by religion.   Parker and Stone cartooned on though Comedy Central censored them all to hell.

If Younus was a South Park character, you know he’d be Cartman.  I mean look at him.  He’s a heifer, same shape head, dorky hat, and he’s an uber asshole.

He’s definitely fucking things up for regular Muslim Americans…which pisses me off.  Younus and Revolution Muslim are NOT the voice of Islam, and like their spiritual fucktard cousins, Pat Robertson et al., they confuse themselves with deity.

Some of ya’ll may not know it, but the Shia are all about depictions of Muhammad the Prophet…like Catholics or Eastern Orthodox with their religious icons.  And Shia love them some Jesus.  Of course their religious images are obviously the work of devotees and not comedians.

Parker and Stone made Muhammad a pretty goddamn awesome superhero with the power of flame in their Super Best Friends episode:

And the nutballs are fucking it up for everyone.  Jon Stewart gave Younus a very proper and courageous “Go fuck yourself” on The Daily Show.

Don’t think I’m brave for writing this.  I control a small army of homosexual rednecks in Cullman County, Alabama who are ready to ass rape Younus and his girl name for giggles if I give the thumbs up. 😉


64 thoughts on “Younus is a Girl’s Name

  1. Just be careful where you put that thumb.

    It’s hard to believe that the company that puts Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert on the air would censor South Park because some asswipe fundomuslim shot his mouth off and demonstrated how ignorant he is as he gives Islam another black eye.

    In protest against Comedy Central I refuse to laugh this week. That’ll show the scrimy bastards.

    • Whew! Glad to hear it. I was worried that you wouldn’t be able to put spaces between the words anymore, and it’sabitchtoreadstuffwithoutspaces.Yaknow?

      But even widdout a tumb, you’d still be Da Queen of Da Keyboard.

    • I think Scott Creighton is having an Emily Litella moment or he maybe he’s a little bit retarded. He’s ranting about Radical Muslim when everyone else is talking about Revolution Muslim.

      • He has edited the post to make the name change to Revolution Muslim. I still don’t understand the difference in names.

        • I went after the head spokespussy. Younus is the legitimate face at Bullshit Central Command.

          Yousef al-Khattab is a bicycle cabbie who wrote a “Get Well Soon” card to that mother fucker who shot up soldiers at Fort Hood. He’s not listed as an author at Revolution Muslim…and the site is down. I’m digging through the cache.

  2. i’d be pissed off, too, id i had to grow up with people yelling, “yo! anus!” at me.

    p.s. maybe yo!anus! and lindseypoo graham can start a boys-with-girl’s-names club.

    • He should have become a punk singer. #1 Yo! Anus! would be so marketable as a punk band and #2 it’s a proper channeling of angst. He could even write a new version of the Boy Named Sue song using his own name or Lindsey’s. Wait. Maybe Screamo is his genre!

  3. Thanks for the specifics on this. This NYC bunch may find that shit don’t float over here. They always make a big deal about “graven images” but walk around in their countries with giant pictures of their godmen that all look like the same asshole. Sort of like that story I heard about the Terrorist Convention: “Oh great, 5,000 guys with the name tag Mohamud!” But common sense must prevail. Don’t release the redneck butt pirate minions untill the weekend wraps up at Taladaga!

  4. I hope you didn’t miss the point I was trying to make about how and why Revolution Muslim exists.

    According to the previous link I provided, it is to cause exactly the type of post and reaction you have posted. To paint muslims as radicals thru a Cointelpro operation.

    What better way to foment hostility in the American public and foster your support for another ME war than to gin up the masses into a fervor.

    In other words, they are pulling another Iraq on you.

  5. Update:


    The site is staffed by all converted Muslims… one used to live on an Israeli settlement after attending orthodox rabbinical school in Israel… they always say the worst thing at the worst time that makes everyone hate Muslims… they get an unusual amount of attention from the MSM press… the “radicalized” Muslim who made the threats in the first place gave his interview over the phone to Fox News from right down the road from the Central Intelligence Agency.

    Now, this might all be circumstantial, you say… not enough, you say…. well, do you remember what college Zach Chesser attended? George Mason University (GMU). GMU has been running programs in conjunction with the CIA for a long time

    • You do realize the first line of my post is Younus’ parents gave him a pussy name. That was supposed to set the tone, and you’re just ruining it.

      The writer at your pet site lost me at “Radical Muslim.” He was so hell bent on telling Stewart to fuck off, that he didn’t bother to get his facts straight. I’m grown. I have no interest in sifting through his shit.

      • Oh, I get your post. You are trying to make a funny.


        “Pet site”?

        Man, any thought pattern that falls outside the Dem Party mindfuck is verboten to you, isn’t it? Whatever happened to the “thinker” I once imagined you to be?

        Please remove my link (the one where you called me “intellectual”). I need to associate with patriots and those that have enough open, functional mind left to think outside the box that those you worship want you to think in.

        That is what “intellectuals” do, you know? Think outside boxes.

    • Deleted by Sitemonitor. Commenter makes wild conspiratorial accusations without having the balls to use his own name and email address. Balls must companion XY configuration in chromosomes to publish comments at writechic press. Balls companioning XX chromosomes applauded, but not necessary.

      • The conspiracies claimed by WillyLoman et al are conspiracies by the United States government to destroy the WTC in hopes of furthering the goals of this cabal or that cabal that wants to wage war against the Islamic world, or take over the government of the U.S., or some other nonsense. Apparently your ignorance and stupidity are working overtime to create the impression that you are, indeed, a moron who hasn’t a clue what you are talking about.

      • Nox. If Ric were not so fierce, I’d verbally eviscerate you myself.

        #1 Make sure you have all your facts and the context straight before wielding the ad hominem moron lest you reveal how open you are to the same insult.

        #2 At least kiss the hostess before you shit on the banquet table. Fuck. Miss Manners 101.

          • Is Nox short for Noxious?

            “I could be wrong but the evidence is solid…” Well which is it? Are you wrong or not? Apparently the evidence isn’t solid enough to convince you or you wouldn’t be considering that you might be wrong. Or you just spew out sentences without thinking about what you’re saying, which hardly makes you credible.

            The problem with vast conspiracies is that so many people have to be involved that secrecy becomes impossible. It’s far more plausible that a small group of dedicated fanatics took advantage of security loopholes and failures on the part of an essentially stupid and blind Republican administration to carry out a bold plan.

            You can fulminate all you want, but Occam’s Razor says you’re full of shit. You’re one of those morons who can build a conspiracy theory out of a tree twig and a wad of used chewing gum and then spend the rest of your life annoying everyone around you about it. Oh dear, did I call you a moron? Can we watch while you slap the shit out of yourself?

            You might want to go back and reread all your conspiracy sites after you successfully complete a full course in critical thinking. Until then you’re just noxious.

          • And that’s really it, Ric, isn’t it? Critical thinking. No one citizen can amass the evidence needed to draw a proper conclusion. Hubris or insanity allows a person to believe he can.

            It actually takes many. What we had under George W. Bush was a profound incompetency, but I don’t know if Abraham Lincoln, a genius!, could have stopped 911. There were too many breakdowns between agencies.

            What’s inherent in being a terrorist or a terrorist cell is to be small enough and driven enough by ideology to circumvent governments. They depend on bureaucracy failing to inform the right hand what the left is doing. They exploit the weaknesses of any civilized society.

          • I’ve long held that schools should start teaching critical thinking in the first grade, as a separate subject, and continue it through high school and into college. It’s not enough to expect students to pick it up by osmosis. And it’s critical to learning anything.

            And with today’s emphasis on standardized exams, leading to teaching to the test rather than teaching the student to learn and think, critical thinking is swirling the drain.

            It’s no wonder the United States has fallen so far behind so many industrialized countries, or first world countries, or whatever you want to call them. Hell, we’re behind places like Costa Rica in some things.

  6. Gee, my ISP goes down for a day and I miss all the excitement! Having read some of the previous noxious remarks, I say you’re right in not spreading that nonsense, even as a comment. Don’t know why the wannabe a-rab posers can’t see the humor. Why I’m laughing right now just thinking about it. Right or left? No, actually, over by the window.

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